The Black Glyph

Black Glyphs

Survivor and Killer Challenge

  • Spawns 1 Black Glyph at the center of the map in the Trial. This glyph is visible to all players.
  • Once both an owner of the Glyph and another player interact with the Glyph, it will disperse into multiple Black Glyphs scattered within the Trial Grounds. These Black Glyphs must be collected by both participants for the next 2 minutes, and the player with the higher amount of collected Glyphs will win a significant amount of Bloodpoints.
  • During a race, both participants move at the same speed. If both a Survivor and Killer are racing, the Survivor cannot throw down pallets, and the Killer cannot injure the Survivor nor use their Power for mobility.
  • Players currently not participating in the race will be unable to interact with the Black Glyphs or participating players during the race, but they can interact with anything else within the Trial.
    • If two Survivors are participating in a race, the Killer cannot interact with them.

Glyph Racer Challenge

  • In order to complete the Glyph Racer Challenge, which activates the Black Glyph, the owner of the Glyph must collect at least 3/4/5/6 Glyphs within the duration of the race.
  • If there are multiple players running the Glyph Racer Challenge, all players participating in the race will be able to earn their own challenge as well, so long as the initial Glyph is activated by them.

Additional Rules

  • If more than two players are running the Glyph Racer Challenge or the Glyph Racer Challenge wasn't completed by at least one person running the challenge, the Black Glyph will respawn after 60 seconds.
  • Whenever a Black Glyph is collected during a race, another Black Glyph will spawn elsewhere 10 seconds afterward.
  • Black Glyph interaction time is 3 seconds for both participating players.
  • All participating players will become incorporeal, preventing them from being blocked by other Survivors or the Killer.

Score Events for Glyph Racer

  • Challenge Accepted: Rewards players who interacted with the initial Glyph with 500 Bloodpoints.
  • Black Glyph Collected: Rewards players who collect a subsequent Glyph with 200 Bloodpoints.
  • The Entity's Favor: Rewards the winner of the race with 50,000 Bloodpoints.