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New killer: Big Daddy

Name:The guardian


Base skin: Gorilla big daddy

Legendary skin: Big sister.

Very rare skin: Serie Alpha Big Daddy

Protective reaction: When someone attack what you hold most dear you unleash a homicide rage on them.When a totem is cleamsed or booned that survivor becomes exposed for 20 secs.

Absolute Obedience: The entity rewards your subjugation to it.

When a survivor is injured by any means the aura of the survivor around 8m of a gen are revealed. 60 secs cooldown.

Seeing red: When you start a chase with a survivor, the red glow becomes bigger and the TR becomes like the killer being next to you for 20 secs.The effect can only be activated each 60 secs.

Power: Several little sisters will be around the map recollecting ADAM for you ( or just one to be lore wise) filling your meter.

Press M2 to charge your drill and rush straight line.Surv that get hitted get deep wounded.

When your meter is filled the drill charge will knock down surv for 60 secs.

Survivors can kick little sister ( like victor) to pause the ADAM recollection till it spawn again.If they do so his/her aura is revealed, gain a little boost on speed for 5 secs and becomes exposed for 10 secs, also the killers get a little charge on his meter.

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