Chapter Concept-*Jurassic Park* The Raptor

Killer: The Raptor

Height: Tall

Speed: 4.6 m/s

POWER: Instinct

Passive: exposed

Throughout the trial are mirrors, mirrors are placed in corners showing whats around the corner.

Special Ability: Active camouflage

Toggle the ability button for the raptor to lower itself. During this state similar to pig, its undetectable and has access to Leap.

Special Ability two: Deadly Sprint

When the power gauge is full you can use this ability. Hold the active ability button for 1.5 seconds to activate deadly sprint. The Raptors speed increases to 5.0m/s and slowly grows the longer it is active the gain is 0.2m/s per a second active. Also during this ability you can use Leap. The longer it is active the bigger the range of leap gets and the speed of leap will also increase.

Special attack: Leap

Hold the active ability button during deadly sprint or active camouflage to activate leap. The attack has an angle, the raptor can leap through the air over many obstacles which include pallets, low obstacles and walls and vaults. It will then if a survivor is in front of the raptor they will become injured.