New Killer - The Rodent

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An old friend and co-worker of Herman Carter, Reginald Kastle was sent to the  Léry's Memorial Institute as well due to his shared fascination of the mind. Though where Herman delved into the human psyche, Kastle focused his work on that of animals.

After many long, grueling years of doing tests upon hundreds of specimens, Reginald Kastle neared his breaking point until Herman proposed a solution of using his research in combination of Kastle's own, and a breakthrough was made!

Kastle could bend the will of his lab rats to his will, making them dance as if they were puppets. And the CIA claimed their return on investment as Kastle was employed as another intelligence operative along with Herman, though where Herman remained at base, Kastle would be operating in the field, using his rats to gather invaluable intelligence from right under the enemies' noses.

Now known through his codename of The Rodent, Kastle's darker side started to appear, as he gained a belief that he was more than human. Those like him deserved to rule those weaker than them like puppets.

Thus, on one fateful day at Léry's Memorial Institute, The Rodent along with his partner, The Doctor, instigated a coup against the institute. However, into the rebellion, a dark fog consumed the building.

After waking up, both the Doctor and the Rodent were in a new place. A new utopia where both can enjoy their purpose with delight.

Killer Stats:

Name: Reginald Kastle

Gender: Male

Weapon: The Baton ( A combat Baton Kastle used in self defense while on the field)

Power: Kastle's Domination

Movement Speed: 115%/4.6 m/s

Terror Radius: 32

Height: Medium

Unique Perks

First Contact

When beginning a mission, it is best to analyze the situation before striking.

● At the Start of the Trial, you gain the Undetectable Status Effect and your Field of View is increased by 3/5/10 ° for 80/100/120 seconds or until you injure a Survivor.


You know best how to work alone, as well as the dangers that come along with it.

You become obsessed with one Survivor.

● When the Obsession performs a Conspicuous Action while no other survivors are within 16/12/8 metres of them, they will be revealed to the Killer with Killer Instinct.

● When a Survivor performs a Conspicuous Action while no other survivors are within 16/12/8 metres of them, they will become the new Obsession.

Hex: Vermin

A Hex that spreads and infests every possible spark of light.

● The first time you would snuff a Boon Totem, that boon then merged with and is treated as Hex: Vermin's Hex Totem.

● While Hex: Vermin is active, if you would snuff Boon Totem, you instead grant that Totem your previously cleansed or blessed Hex Totem's Perk Effects.

● Merged Totems can be cleansed like Hex: Totems, however this will destroy the boon, and thus it will need to be blessed again.

Power: Kastle's Domination

Ratling Spawn has 5 charges. Charges are regained passively over time.

Special Ability: Press and hold the Power button to ready Ratling Spawn.

  • Tap the Attack button to place a Rat Sentry at your current location, consuming 1 charge. If a Survivor moves within 10 meters of the placed Rat, they will be revealed with Killer Instinct, and the Rat will despawn and you will regain 1 charge of Ratling Spawn

Press and hold the ability to charge Ratling Spawn.

When at halve charge, release the ability to send forth a Rat Wave that erupts from the ground and moves forward, and consume 2 charges.

  • Survivors hit by this Wave of Rats are Hindered by 10% for 2 seconds and also inflicted with the Oblivious Status Effect for 2 seconds.

When at full charges, release the ability and consume 4 charges to cause a mass area of rats to erupt from the ground in a radius of 10 meters around you, ignoring walls and obstacles.

  • Survivors within this area are inflicted with the Oblivious and Incapacitated Status Effect for as long as they remain in it. If the Survivor remains in the area for longer than 5 seconds, they are also Hindered by 2% as long as they remain in the mass of rats.
  • If the Survivor remains in the mass of rats for longer than 10 seconds, they lose 1 health state.
  • This mass of rats will remain for as long as you remain within the radius and for 8 seconds after you leave the radius.
  • Ratling Spawn charge rate is halved while within the mass of rats.
  • You cannot create a mass of rats, while within a mass of rats, but you can create a Rat Sentry or Rat Wave while within.

Special Ability: Vermin Destruction

When damaging a generator, you can tap the Ability button to consume a Ratling Spawn charge, regressing the generator by 2% for each charge used.

This is my prototype idea for a RAT based killer. I would appreciate any feedback you would give