Killer Power Concept - The Visitor

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The Visitor (Dredge Trapper)

Power - Knock
  • Hold and release the Power Button to place a Door.
  • Press the Power Button while in front of a Closed Door to Knock on the Door, which Opens.
  • The Auras of Survivors are visible through the Doorway of an Open Door.
  • Hold the Power Button while in front of an Open Door to walk into the threshold, allowing you to select, if any, another Door to walk out from.

Additional notes:

  • Door placement is similar to Trapper Traps.
  • Closed Doors have collision for the Killer and for Survivors that are not Sprinting.
  • A Survivor that runs into a Closed Door while running suffers Deep Wounds as the Door shatters.
  • Killer can perform a Basic Attack to shatter the door.
  • The doorway itself when opened is a black void.
  • The Knocking Audio is global.
  • If no other Doorway is selected, or the Killer performs a Basic Attack input while holding the Power Button, The Visitor steps back from the Doorway.
  • Pressing the Power Button in front of an Open Door will close it.
  • Survivors that Shatter Doorways trigger Killer Instinct for 4s.

Chase: Can place the Doorway to block Loops unless the Survivor is willing to run through them and suffer Deeps Wounds.

Mobility: Able to place Doorways that act as a teleport. Cannot be removed unless Survivors are willing to run into them, keeping Survivors Injured and alerting you.

Information: Able to see the Auras of Survivors at a distance extremely well.

Interaction: Injury/Deep Wounds deterrent, but Doorways can be shattered by Survivors if they are run through.