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I got the idea from a DBD meme. The video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQkUlWoQmv8, i might also suggest you watch the home alone R-rated cut which can give you a piece of clarity around how home alone can be implemented into the horror genre of this game the video is also here-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgLqxSPIhR0

KILLER-The Incompetent "Kevin McCalister"

Height: Short

TR: 24m

Speed: 4.4m/s



The incompetent will have a slight buff at the start of the trial. He gets his own base kit corrupt intervention. Four random generators in the trial are blocked for 60 seconds, during this time The Incompetent can't attack survivors, gain blood-lust chase effects and destroy dropped pallets. During this phase he gains the undetectable status effect. This phase was thought up so that he has time to set up his power and gain the most out of it. After the 60 seconds have ended the generators are unblocked and The incompetent loses are buffs and cons of the preparation phase.

Special ability: i made my family disappear

Kevin's sadistic intellect helps in making devices which are disguised to kill and torture the most unfortunate of victims. Traps replenish into his inventory after they are used or picked back up.

Hold the active ability button for 1 second to have a choice of Kevin's specially home made traps. He can switch between different traps similar to how clown changes his bottles. He has five different traps.

The Nail-Place a small nail naked to the eye into the floor or vault location. Will be forced to remove the nail from their foot if they want to continue, while having the nail in them they can't move of use items.The nail will have a fairly large pick range to compensate for its size. Maximum that can be carried is three.

Augmented Staple Gun-Fitted with a motion detector, the staple gun can detect a survivor within its range and once in its zone it will fire at them. Survivors hit will scream revealing their location. This trap can be placed anywhere but after 10 staples are fired the trap is destroyed. capacity is three

Flame Trap-Attach a homemade flamethrower trap to a location of your choosing, pallet, vault location of obstacles. Survivors who go past it will activate the flame trap removing a health state from the survivor and causing them to become incapacitated for 5 seconds. Capacity of two.

Glass baubles-Leave a short trail of glass baubles, survivors who step on them make grunts of pain which are 100 percent louder than normal. Capacity is one but has a passive recharge of 60 seconds.

Trip Wire-Leave a trip wire on a pallet, when a survivor runs through this pallet it will drop on them and stun them for two seconds. Capacity two wires

Special attack: filthy animal

When the power gauge is full Filthy animal can be activated, Kevin can either pull out his rifle. The Duration will be 30 seconds. TR is now 32 metres.


five shots

1 second reload or cock upon a successful hit. Miss will be 2.5 seconds.

each shot does a health state of damage

once the time limit has reached 0 or ammo is gone the ability ends

can ADS similar to deathslinger


Iridescent tarantula: At the begging of the trail generator repair speeds are reduced by 40 percent for 60 seconds. Removes Preparation phase passive.

Iridescent snow shovel: two random trap categories are automatically placed. Empties your inventory of those traps to 0. Can't pick those set traps up but can gain traps back once used.

Not that great at perk ideas so no perks will be written.

The survivors could be Marv and Harry or Buzz and Kevin's uncle/or parents.