New Survivor : Tarkan

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Tarkan is a Turkish hero.

Character Info :

It passes in the days when Attila, the leader of the European Huns, who conquered the north of the Black Sea, began to spread slowly to the European continent. Attila, who wants to rule the whole world after Europe, also wants to seize the sword of Mars, the God of War, known only to a priest named Moro. Because whoever takes this sword will rule the world. Mars, God of War, stabbed this sword into a rock while leaving the earth. The blade of Mars has been waiting for the man who will pull himself out of the rock for centuries and will rule the world. Horrified by the fear of the Huns, the European rulers also seek only one hope: the sword of Mars, the God of War. However, they believe they can stand against Attila's power once they have him.

On the one hand, Genseriko, the savage, evil king of the Vandal realm; on the other hand, the sneaky, ruthless, crazy Roman Emperor Valentinian. Both are trying to get the sword of Mars to resist Attila's invasion of Europe.

Perks :

1.)You can't catch me:

If you stun the killer with pallets 4/3/2 times, the perk is active. The next time stun the killer with pallets additional 5 seconds stunning time

2.)Entity's Guard :

After 2 times unhook your friend Entity's Guard activates for 40/50/60 seconds. During this time if you drop the pallet and Entity blocks it and the killer can not break the pallet for 10 seconds.

3.) Gen Rusher :

If you repair the generator %60/%50/%40 you can earn a token. When you reach the 4 tokens your movement speed increased by %6 until the end of the game.

Note: This character is only a movie hero.


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    I vote "yes", but it's better to add a singer, "Sikidim"!