The Redacted Killer - The Spook

Jonah Vasquez's lore is bad. It is a mess of different ideas all poorly executed that tries to be morally gray but also paints Jonah in a way too positive light.

Of course, his lore makes far more sense once you add The Spook into the equation. A mysterious killer who uses his power, Memetic Hazard, to ambush and eliminate survivors. His perks, All Eyes Open, Blackout, and Poisoned Blades turns survivors' senses against them.

Opposing The Spook is Aadish Youssef, a charismatic local detective tracking down a series of disappearances before being dragged into the realm. With is perks Calming Voice, Witness Questioning, and Review, enable Aadish to support his fellow survivors and share information.

The Spook


"If you ask the Americans, they will say that the Soviets did it. If you ask the Soviets, they will say that the Chinese did it. If you ask the Chinese, they will say the British did it. The worse part is, I think they are all correct." - Jonah Vasquez

"The creature takes the form of what seems to be at a distance to be an elite soldier, but seems to be more monstrous at a closer look. We still don't have a clear visual, as no one has seemed to survive a close encounter with it." - Jonah Vasquez

"Based on the documents from Dr.Carter, the creature was created by the CIA back in the 1960s as a way to deal with targets in fortified locations. However, documents provided to us by an informant in the Middle East state that the creature was created by the Soviets as a way to track down and eliminate resistance leaders. If I was betting man, I think that there is a documents proving that the Chinese made it, as well the British, French, heck maybe even the Canadians." - Jonah Vasquez

"50 dead. 29 of them were killed by the direct bomb explosion, that makes sense. But 31 people killed by shrapnel in the exact same way? That does not make any sense." - Jonah Vasquez

"My superiors think that this is fine. They have seen my reports, and have concluded that this creature is supporting us, helping us, but I know better. It is getting more hungry. Before, it was just taking out single targets, but now it has moved on to convoys and small villages. It started out in just Afghanistan, but now it is showing up in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and even parts of India. It is increasing the size of its hunting grounds. This creature has no loyalty to the US, to the Russia, to no one. It has to be stopped." - Jonah Vasquez

"8, 25, 19, 44, 1; -20.37, -69.85; 13, 2, 26, 11, 1. I know you can see this." -Jonah Vasquez



32m TR


Power - Memetic Hazard

The Spook's mere presence brings danger to survivors, as every piece of information they learn only leads them closer to their death.

Special Effect: Mind Fog

The Spook cannot be seen from further than 40m away.

Special Effect: Information Awareness

The Spook can tell if it is being watched by any survivors, even if it just its aura. Survivors that look at The Spook will have gain stacks of Redacted. Survivors do not know how much Redacted they have, only that they have it. The Spook knows exactly how much Redacted survivors have.

Special Effect: Redacted Information

As survivors learn more about the Spook, they put themselves in mortal danger. Survivors with a full stack of Redacted cannot fast vault, are hindered by 5%, and do not hear any TR. Survivors with a full stack of Redacted will not be alerted by these changes until 5 seconds have passer.

Special Interaction: Jonah's Logs

Survivors can get rid of Redacted by finding and using one of Jonah's Tape Recorders. These spawn in the map throughout the match, but survivors do need to be careful. If the Spook finds any of the Tape Recorders, it can break them to make all survivors scream and reveal their location.

Special Ability: Border Breaker

The Spook ignored any attempts to be controlled by the laws of man, and it is not stopping now.

When not being looked at, Press and hold the power button to turn intangible. When intangible, The Spook can walk through walls and obstacles to sneak up on survivors but is slower. Being looked at will force The Spook out of intangibility, and if it is still in an object, will force The Spook back to where it started using Border Breaker.

Special Ability: Unforgettable

The Spook's nature means that any piece of information can lead to a survivor's death.

When being looked at, Press and hold the power button to begin to Teleport. The closest survivor looking at you will be tagged. When said survivor finally breaks line of sight, the Spook will teleport towards them. The longer the survivor has looked at you, the longer the teleport is.


All eyes Open

People who try to track you down only succeed in helping you track them down.

For every unique survivor hooked, this perk activates. A survivor who reveals your aura suffers from Blindness for 30 seconds, is exhausted for 60 seconds, and if healthy, screams. This perk than deactivates.

"Keep your eyes closed. What ever happens, do not open them."


With your knowledge of technology, you can turn isolated generators into death traps.

Kicking a generator causes marks the generator with white aura for 20 seconds. If a survivor attempts to work the generator, the survivor becomes exposed and hindered for 10 seconds. This perk is disabled if there is no gen 40 m away from another gen.

Poisoned Blades

With information provided by your many creators, you have dosed your blades with a poison with a disorienting effect.

Survivors hit by a basic attack do not take damage or scream. Instead, they take damage 2 seconds after when they were originally hit.

Survivors hit by basic attacks cannot escape through the exit gate for 3 seconds.

"It could just kill them. Instead, it drags the process out."

Aadish Youssef


Aadish Youssef was not so much born but more so appeared out of no where. Despite being always on the move, Aadish had a way of seeming like he was a local wherever he went. He was a teller of tales, of stories of thieves and jewels, of murders and justice, and of despair and hope. He did not just tell tales, he also played a vital role in them.

Aadish Youssef made his living as a detective for hire, providing his services to the many places he visited. Whenever it was trying to figure out who stole a family heirloom, to a dispute of who owned what land, or even who killed who, Aadish Youssef solved each case and quickly grew a reputation as a detective who could rival even Sherlock Holmes. Of course, ask Aadish Youssef about that and he will dismiss such claims as just some exaggerations. After all, despite all of his skills, he can still not explain what happened to his village.

It was a dark night, with storm clouds covering parts of the moon. He remembered his parents talking to their neighbors about some fighting happening near by. He remembers how there was a loud crash. He remembers how his parents told him to go upstairs. He remembers hiding in the closet, covering himself with a blanket, closing his eyes, and covering his ears to blot out the screams. He remembers waking up and finding the entire village dead.

After years of traveling, Aadish finally found a lead. A message sent by a CIA operative claiming to know what happened to the village in exchange for some old soviet documents. After a short trip to an old bunker, Aadish finally had the answers to what happened to his family.

It was only when Aadish was reading the documents did he realize that I was watching. I remember the weather. I remember how the mentioned a mysterious soldier. I remember seeing a child run upstairs. I remember how I killed them. I remember how I stood outside that closet door, just waiting for the child to grow brave. I remember leaving before the sun rose.

Aadish tried to escape, but before I could eliminate him, he was claimed by a mysterious fog. I knew what it was, and I knew what Jonah was planning. Jonah thought that his plan would inconvenience me. All it did was bring me closer to Aadish, another loose end. But don't worry, I will get to you soon enough.


Calming Voice

Your time as a storyteller has taught you how to council those around you through tough times.

Survivors within 8 m of you will not scream. If you scream or are hit, other survivors have their scratch marks hidden for 4 seconds and lose hemorrhage if they have it.

"I once met a man who claimed to be a master healer. According to him, the two best medicines are laughter and disinfectant." - Aadish Youssef

Witness Questioning

It is an art to ask questions to those who have seen horrible things, and you are rather quite skilled at it.

If a survivor within 8 m of you sees the aura of a survivor, then you will gain a Green Detective's Instinct at the revealed survivor's location.

If a survivor within 8 m of you sees the aura of the killer, then you will gain a Red Detective's Instinct at the killer's location.

If a survivor within 8 m of you sees the aura of a generator, then you will gain a Yellow Detective's Instinct at the generator's location.

Each effect can only activate every 10 seconds.

"I want you to take a deep breath. Good? I want you to tell me what you did that morning..." - Aadish Youssef


Throughout your years of being a detective, you have learned that often the best way to solve a case is to review your notes...

Anytime you are directly affected by a killer's perks, Review gains a stack. For every stack of review, Maps burn 25% slower and you stun the killer 5% longer.

When using a map, any killer perk that has directly affected you is revealed to you.

This perk grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per trial and will guarantee a basic map.

"We need to take a step back and focus on what we know. To track them down would be a long and arduous task, but we know what they want and how they intend to get. I say we lie in wait and hit them where it hurts." - Aadish Youssef


To be blunt, Jonah's lore sucks. The problem is that he does not seem to do anything except get innocents killed, but we are supposed to feel bad for him. The Spook is meant to fix that by providing an actual reason behind Jonah's actions along with exploring the idea of how blind patriotism can lead to horrible atrocities.

The survivor, Aadish, was inspired by a combination of the classic detective from literature and also the culture of the Middle East, a place that has a long history of being messed with by shadowy organizations. He is the polar opposite to the Spook, as Aadish is someone who shares information to help others, while the Spook hides information to harm others.