Thrill of the hunt (Chapter concept)

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(First of all. English is not my primary language sorry about possible mistakes)

New Killer: The Hunter

Weapon: Hunter's Knife

You cannot see scratch marks but you can see footprints of the survivors (right click to track) that varies of cold warm and hot (red/yellow/green). Survivors that are walking or crouch walking leave less visible footprints than running

Tracking a survivor starts to fill a power gauge of the hunt when full you start to smell the survivor (like the witcher 3) and when at 15 meters or less of the hunted survivor activates the killer instinct.

There is a gauge bar for every survivor. Switching targets will cold the hunt and reduces the gauge of the other survivors not being tracked

Special hability


Press and hold the Power button to wind up a bolas hitting a survivor causes the hindered status effect. The survivor can set free of the bolas. If the hunter hits a survivor with the Hindered satus effect. The survivor will have the movement speed burst reduced by 0.5 sec

(Bolas does not need to recharge in lockers. You have 3 charges and they have a cooldown of 35 each if you miss a hit or the survivor sets free. They intantly recharge if you hit a survivor with the effect of the bolas)


1-You refuse to let your prey escape

when a survivor downs a pallet at least 5mt away from you increases the speed of next pallet you break for 40/45/50% and gain a 3 celerity after that 120 COOLDOWN

2-You know how to use baits

Hex: at the start of the trial spawn 1 hex totem. If the toten is cleansed for the rest of the trial when a generetor is completed all of survivors suffer for the exposed effect for 20/25/30 seconds and their auras is revealed to you for 1/2/3 seconds.

3-Thrill of the hunt (yes i know thats the same name of the chapter and there is alredy a perk with this name)

For every survivors hooked you gain 1 token. For every token you gain 2/3/4% speed on catching up downed survivors and hooking animation hooking the same survivor 2 or 3 times consecutively don't give any tokens (no tunneling with this perk) max 11 stacks

Survivor: The Survivalist (How original)


1-Boon: Bait.

If the killer destroys your boon totem, you gain 5% speed on repairing/healing and your teammates 3 %for 40/45/50 seconds

2-You know how to hide and flee

When in the terror radius of the killer, you can walk, crouch walk, and crawl 50/55/60% faster when exiting the terror radius you gain speed boost 150% running speed (sprint burst) 60/50/40 sec exausted

3-Running away is no problem to you.

When you are injuried the next time you suffer the exausted effect it's reduced by 15/20/25 sec cooldown

Killer addons:

Irisdecent Tiger fang neklace:

When the power gauge fills, the hunted survivor suffer for the exposed status effect for 15 seconds

Irisdecent: Hunter's Trophy:

When the power gauge fills the first time for each survivor, you gain the Bloodlust 1

Lead Bolas:

Hitting a survivor with the Hindered satus effect, reduces the movement speed burst for another 0.2 sec

Iron Bolas:

Hitting a survivor with the Hindered satus effect, reduces the movement speed burst for another 0.1 sec

Aluminum Bolas

Hitting a survivor with the Hindered satus effect, does not reduces the movement speed burst + 100% bloodpoints in the deviousness category

Boar Skull

Gauge of the hunt fill 15% faster

Deer skull:

Time needed for aiming Bolas 30% reduced

Rabbit Foot:

Hitting a survivor with Bolas from 35 meters or more (sniping) causes the survivor to lose a health state

Leather Belt:

You can carry an extra Bolas for a total of 4.

Toolboxes addon idea

User Manual:

Simillar to Abdominal dressing

Increses 50% speed of repairing but reduces 8 charges