Killer Concept : The Ruined King (licensed killer from League of Legends)

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Name - Viego

Alias - The Ruined King, the King of Camavor

Gender - Male

Realm - X

Base Stats - HEIGHT : Tall, TERROR RADIUS : 32m, BASE SPEED : 4.6m/s

Lore - Once ruler of a long-lost kingdom, Viego perished over a thousand years ago when his attempt to bring his wife back from the dead triggered the magical catastrophe known as the Ruination. Transformed into a powerful, unliving wraith tortured by an obsessive longing for his centuries-dead queen, Viego now stands as the Ruined King, controlling the deadly Harrowings as he scours Runeterra for anything that might one day restore her, and destroying all in his path as the Black Mist pours endlessly from his cruel, broken heart. ~Copied from LoL Universe - Viego Story

After attempting to engulf the Serpent Isles with his Black Mist in search for his true love, Isolde, the Ruined King was driven back by six champions of Runeterra allied under a singular cause. But little did they know, that even while trapped inside an artifact, the Ruined King's will of Ruination lived on... except that this time it led to a different outcome : the intervention of the Entity.

Met with a power even greater than his, the Ruined King was tricked by the Entity to bring the Black Mist and the Ruination to its trial grounds, believing that Isolde's spirit resided in its realm.

Overview - The Ruined King is a spiritual killer that can use his special power, the Black Mist, to strike confusion into the Survivors. After successfully hunting down Survivors, he can take their forms himself to disorient the Survivors further.

His perks, Trespasser, Hex : Shadowed Finesse and Heartbreaker allows him to disrupt Survivors' cooperation efforts, render a specific area unsafe and effectively hunt down his Obsession.

Weapon : Sanctity, the Blade of the King

Power : The Black Mist

As soon as the trial begins, the Ruined King's Black Mist will start to surround the trial grounds. All Survivors will be afflicted with their own Black Mist percentages, which can be seen around their portraits (similar to the Cenobite's Chain Hunt and Ghost Face's Exposed progress bar). Once a Survivor is fully afflicted with the Black Mist, that Survivor's status (whether they are healthy, injured, hooked or killed/sacrificed) becomes invisible to other Survivors, and their aura cannot be checked by other Survivors. Survivors can still see them physically.

The Survivors can fight back the Black Mist in various ways. While Survivors are working on generators, the Black Mist will not progress further. Unhooking a Survivor, healing a Survivor (either from injured or dying state) or completely repairing a generator will automatically remove 25% of the Black Mist progress.

Striking a Survivor with a basic attack will automatically progress the Black Mist affliction by 50%.

It takes 120 seconds for the Black Mist to fully afflict Survivors on its own. (*This means that basic attacking a Survivor will add 50% of the total time it takes - 60 seconds in this case - worth of progress to their progress bars)

When ALL Survivors are fully afflicted with the Black Mist, the entire trial grounds will turn into Harrowed Path, which will turn the Ruined King Undetectable to Survivors while he is at least 24 meters away from them. Survivors can still fight back the Black Mist, but this will not remove Harrowed Path once it has been activated.

Spectral Maw : Press and hold the Power Button to charge up Spectral Maw. After charging for a minimum of 1 second, release the Power Button to perform Spectral Maw, dashing a short distance towards the direction the Ruined King is facing and casting a short-range projectile that cannot go through walls. Coming into contact with a Survivor will damage them for one health state, and immediately fully afflict the target with the Black Mist.

Spectral Maw has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Sovereign's Domination : While standing on top of a Survivor fully afflicted with the Black Mist in dying state, or that the Ruined King killed with his own hands, press the Ability Button to use Sovereign's Domination, temporarily granting the Ruined King the appearance of that Survivor. While taking the form of a Survivor, the Ruined King can act as if he were a Survivor ; sprinting, sneaking, vaulting over windows and dropped pallets, dropping pallets, repairing generators, cleansing Totems, picking up and using items, etc. He will also not have a Terror Radius, since he would count as a Survivor. The Ruined King can press Power Button while he is taking the form of a Survivor to change between healthy and injured state.

Casting Sovereign's Domination on the corpse of a Survivor killed with the Ruined King's own hands will make the corpse disappear. Sovereign's Domination lasts up to 60 seconds.

When the duration of Sovereign's Domination ends, or by pressing the Ability Button while he is taking the form of a Survivor, the Ruined King will return to his original form, able to basic attack and use Spectral Maw again.

It takes 2.5 seconds for the Ruined King to switch between forms.

Perks :

Trespasser (Level 30) :

You shouldn't be where you are. Your mere existence crosses the laws of reality.

When you find a Survivor while you're already in a chase with another Survivor, mark both Survivors with Trespasser for the next 20/30/40 seconds. Survivors affected by Trespasser become Undetectable to each other, and cannot heal each other for the duration.

Hex : Shadowed Finesse (Level 35) :

You know how to alter the battleground to your favor. Aid won't come for you. You will aid yourself.

You can interact with a Dull Totem during the trial, to light it up with Hex : Shadowed Finesse. While the Hex Totem is active, gain the following effects.

  • - While you are within 12/18/24 meters of a Hex Totem affected by Hex : Shadowed Finesse, you vault over windows 50% faster. The effect persists for 3 seconds after leaving the area of effect.
  • - Survivors that perform rushed vaults over windows have their auras revealed to you for 3 seconds.

This perk is activated as long as the Hex Totem is not cleansed. When the Hex Totem is cleansed, you can light another Hex Totem of your choosing.

Only one Hex Totem can be active with Hex : Shadowed Finesse.

Heartbreaker (Level 40) :

The grief of losing a loved one fuels you with rage.

You become obsessed with one Survivor. Each time you chase your Obsession and let them escape, Heartbreaker gains one token, up to 5/4/3 Tokens. When Heartbreaker reaches maximum tokens, your Obsession becomes Exposed. Putting a Survivor into dying state will make you lose all tokens of Heartbreaker.

Add-Ons :


Broken Crown - The crown that used to sit on top of the king of Camavor. It is destroyed beyond repairs. While occupying a Survivor through Sovereign's Domination, other Survivors can now see a green crown-shaped symbol on you and your Terror Radius is no longer suppressed. Gain 100% more Bloodpoints from all actions done during Sovereign's Domination.

Black Gloves - Pair of gloves used by the Ruined King, to allow tighter grips on his blade. Decreases Spectral Maw cooldown by 5 seconds if it hits a Survivor.

Ritual Plate - A circular stone plate from the ritual chambers of the Shadow Isles. Fully afflicting a Survivor with the Black Mist will suffer Blindness as long as they are fully afflicted.

Ominous Page - A page torn from a spell book. It contains various instructions on different types of dark rituals. Decreases the total time it takes for the Black Mist to afflict Survivors by 10 seconds.


Shadow Isles Soul Flask - A fragile glass bottle that is holding a soul inside. Increase the affliction progress of the Black Mist from basic attacks by 25%.

Corrupted Gemstone - A bright gemstone that lost its hue, corrupted by the Black Mist. Increases the range of Spectral Maw projectile travel distance by 1 meter.

Shattered Pommel - A pommel that decorates the Ruined King's blade. Reduces basic attack cooldown by 15% once Harrowed Path is active.

Wisp Core - The life essence of the wisps that wander the Shadow Isles. The Black Mist still affects Survivors even while they are working on generators, at 75% reduced rate.

Spectral Remains - What the spirits and wraiths of the Shadow Isles leave behind. You are Undetectable while charging Spectral Maw.


Prison Cell Key - A key that unlocks the prison cells of the warden's dungeon. When you exit Sovereign's Domination, inflict Oblivious to all Survivors within your Terror Radius for 10 seconds.

Cracked Vault Lock - A security device that keeps looters out of the Sacred Vaults. Now, it has lost its purpose. Whenever a Survivor fully afflicted with the Black Mist is put into dying state, they recover 50% slower.

Remains of the Athenaeum - Bricks used in the construction of the Athenaeum. Adds Broken status effect to the victims of Spectral Maw for the next 45 seconds.

Blessed Isles Spellbook - An old, tattered book that contains the magical knowledge of the Blessed Isles. Halves the time it takes to use and change forms of Sovereign's Domination.


Thresh's Lantern - A lantern that emits an eerie green light, wielded by the very scholar that tricked the Ruined King. Black Mist no longer hides Survivor status when they are fully afflicted. Decreases Spectral Maw cooldown by 15 seconds.

Hecarim's Helmet - A helmet worn by one of Viego's generals, before he turned into a monster. Disables the activation of Harrowed Path. Survivors can no longer reduce the affliction progress of the Black Mist.

Kallista's Spear Tip - A critical part of a weapon used by one of Viego's generals. Spectral Maw projectile can now go through walls. Increases Spectral Maw cooldown by 20 seconds.

Curly-Haired Doll - A doll with blue, curly hair, handcrafted by Isolde herself. Can no longer voluntarily end Sovereign's Domination. Once a Survivor is fully afflicted with the Black Mist, they suffer Exposed.


Iridescent Shadow Essence - Black material that constitutes the wraiths of the Shadow Isles. It is murky and black. All Survivors begin the trial with 50% progress of the Black Mist.

Isolde's Music Box - A miniature music box given to Viego from Isolde, on his wedding day. It still plays a sad, gloomy tune. Survivors can no longer reduce the progress of the Black Mist.

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