How do I make playing killer interesting again?

Volcan Member Posts: 1

I've been maining killer sense I started Dbd, but recently it's been getting boring. Game after game I've found my self just giving up out of boredom, I've tried new killers but non of them are fun either. So please help me re kindle my interest in this game


  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 13,901

    Take a break. Don’t force yourself to play if you don’t feel like it.

    otherwise, try new perks/perk combos or even try to get memes to work, whatever you feel like in the moment, maybe even use a random perk generator. Set yourself some personal goals or challenges on the match (like some streamers do - stuff like play without sound, do x after y happens in a match, play with controller/KB+M if you are on PC and prefer one over the other, …)

  • TheUltimateFailer
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    Yeah, it's as Mooks said. If you don't enjoy it, quit for a month and then return. Call it a dopamine detox if you wish. I became fed up with many games in the past and leaving for a bit is the most helpful path to take. You can also try meme builds those taking a break might be better.