Killer Concept: The Executed (redo)

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This is a redo for a killer concept, would appreciate feedback.

Order: General Description, Power, Perks, Cosmetics, Add-Ons, Lore

General Description: The Executed is a damning killer, able to pull his execution grounds to the trial with his power Darkened Repose, to turn the trial grounds into a place of death for all. His personal perks Silence of the Noose, Charge the Chair, and Cursed Generator: Cut-Throat Blade, provide benefits for being away from survivors and generators.

Power: Darkened Repose

It was declared death was required of him, and so it shall be. The Executed starts the trial with 4 power tokens. For each token, press the active ability button to construct a gallows at your location. The gallows can act as a hook for survivors and can also be used to perform the Execution action. While standing next to a gallows, press and hold the active ability button to execute yourself by hanging.

Once executed, the Executed will enter the Phantom state, a global audio cue will play to the survivors, and the body of the Executed will be highlighted to all players. While in the Phantom state, the Executed will be invisible and have no terror radius, with a lullaby of his chains indicating how close he is. The Executed will be unable to damage a survivor in this state without a soul. Press the attack button while next to a survivor to absorb their soul and leave them in the soulless state. Once one soul is absorbed, the Executed becomes partially visible, and is able to attack. The Executed can't be stunned by pallets, and can walk through dropped pallets, breakable walls, and windows while in the Phantom state.

The Executed can press the secondary action button to return to their body. The distance between their body and the phantom determines how long the return process takes. A survivor can also rescue the Executed from the gallows to force them to return as well.

Special: The Electric Chair

At the start of each trial, an electric chair will spawn in the center of the map. Attached to each constructed gallows is a power box. Hooking a survivor with a soul on the gallows or pressing the secondary action button while the Executed has at least one soul while standing next to the power box will charge it and return the soul to the soulless survivor. For each charge, a global audio cue will play. When all four power boxes are charged, a separate global audio cue will play, the electric chair will be highlighted red to all players, and the power boxes will be highlighted in white to all survivors. If the Executed carries a survivor to the electric chair when powered, the survivor will be instantly sacrificed, and the chair deactivates. Survivors can shut off the electric chair by turning off a power box to remove 25% of the total progress, or by directly tampering with the chair to steadily turn it off.

Once the chair is deactivated by any means, each gallows get destroyed and the Executed gets their power tokens back.


Silence of the Noose: Whenever a survivor is hooked, standing outside of 32, 28, 24 meters of the survivor will give the undetectable status effect.

Charge the Chair: Whenever you perform a breaking action, gain a token up to 10. The next time you hook a survivor, consume all tokens. For each token, instantly increase the sacrifice progress by 1%, 2%, 3%.

Cursed Generator: Cut-Throat Blade: You start the trial with 3 tokens. Whenever a generator is completed, a token is consumed, and the completed generator becomes cursed. A cursed generator has a radius of effect of 16, 20, 24 meters.

While standing within the area of effect for the cursed generator, being hit with a basic attack will apply hemorrhage, mangled, and deep wound effects to the survivor.


Head: Cold-Mountain Electric Cap: The cap of the electric chair at Cold-Mountain sits atop his head. The burnt leather covering that was meant to shield his face from watching eyes, yet his red ones somehow shine through.

Body: Ratted Jumpsuit: The orange jumpsuits were common attire at the prison, yet his was frayed and burnt from his date with death.

Weapon: Guillotine Blade: The blade of the guillotine at Cold-Mountain, who the inmates nicknamed 'Justine.' It was often joked that a date with her would be to die for.

Add-on ideas:

Ultra-Rare: 2

Iridescent-Chair: A reformed electric chair, with every part made out of the entity.

Once the electric chair is powered, survivors can't deactivate it.

Kuro's Final Words: A document of Kuro's final words before his execution.

When the Executed performs the Execute action, all survivors who aren't soulless will scream and reveal their auras for 6 seconds. Any survivor that is hooked on any hook who isn't soulless will have their soul absorbed by the Executed.

"When it comes to light that I really am innocent, what happens to all who claimed falsely against me?" - Kuro Kagachi

Very-Rare: 4

Leather Strap: A strap from the electric chair. Despite many tugging against it, it still held.

When the electric chair is powered, survivor's wiggling speed is decreased by 25%.

Kuro's Date: A calendar that has Kuro's execution date written on it. As it approached, Kuro became more afraid.

Disables the audio cue and aura of the power boxes.

Burnt Leather Covering: A piece of the electric chair that is meant to hide the spectators from the horror of the death behind it.

When the electric chair is powered, its aura is disabled. Any survivor who is downed while the chair is powered will have their aura hidden.

Shredded Preference: When asked how he would prefer to be executed, Kuro personally requested by hanging. His request was denied.

Whenever the Executed performs the Execute action, the aura of their body is hidden from the survivors. Survivors within 16 meters of the body will give off killer instinct.

Rare: 6

Kuro's Handcuffs: An extra pair was always needed when it came time for a prisoner.

Whenever a survivor is rescued from the gallows, the rescuer is given the incapacitated status effect for 30 seconds.

Broken Power Switch: The deactivate switch was just for show at the prison.

Reduces the amount of power in a power box to 20%.

Frayed Rope: A piece of rope that had seen many prisoners.

Whenever a survivor rescues the Executed, the survivor is given the Oblivious status effect for 60 seconds.

Cell Keys: The keys to Kuro's cell. He dreaded the last time he would hear them.

While in the Phantom form, passing through a window blocks it for 16 seconds.

Progress Speech: The written speech given to prisoners before their sentence.

While in Phantom form, you are invisible to survivors you are not in chase with.

Resistant Padding: The electric chair was made sturdy to withstand even the strongest attacks.

Decreases the speed of survivors deactivating the electric chair by 15%

Uncommon: 6

Broken Trapdoor: The trapdoor of the gallows, conveniently broken on the day of Kuro's execution.

Survivors rescued from the gallows are given the mangled status effect.

Guillotine Stocks: While no longer in use, many held a personal fear of the guillotine at the prison.

Survivors rescued from the gallows are given the hemorrhage status effect.

County Phone: A phone that was supposed to be a lifeline to stop executions. No-one ever ran to it.

Rescuing the Executed gives the rescuer the hindered status effect.

Darkened Morgue Plate: The plate listing the morgue at the prison. For some reason, it was burnt dark.

Soulless survivors are given the blindness effect for 30 seconds.

Kuro's Will: While it would never be fulfilled, Kuro made a will for what happened after his death.

Speed returning to the body is increased by 15%

Judge's Photo: A photograph of the judge who sentenced Kuro. Kuro vowed to come back for him.

While in Phantom form, get a 10% haste status effect while you don't have a soul absorbed.

Common: 6

Judge's Sentence: The sentence the judge passed on to Kuro. His words invoked rage in him.

While in Phantom form, get a 5% haste status effect while you don't have a soul absorbed.

Thin Rope: A thin piece of rope that would never hold for an execution.

If the Executed is rescued from the gallows, the gallows break, and a power token is returned.

Torn Jumpsuit: The torn jumpsuit of Kuro's was just a reminder that this was his life.

Speed returning to the body is increased by 10%.

Interrogation Tape: A video recording of Kuro's interrogation. His 'crime' was created on loaded questions.

When a soul is absorbed, the aura of the survivor is revealed for 6 seconds.

Fake Evidence: Fake evidence that was planted to get Kuro convicted.

Increases the duration of scratch-marks while in Phantom form.

False Claim: A claim by a false victim that Kuro was responsible for her injuries.

Increases the grunts of pain from injured survivors while in Phantom form.


Even as a child, Kuro Kagachi had noteworthy ambition to helping others. He was lean-muscled, having an intimidating frame, compared to others, yet on the inside, he was quiet and with a heart of gold. He excelled at athletics and academics, which got him a scholarship at his choice of prestigious university. On the day of his departure, he hugged his parents goodbye, and set out with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes.

At the university, he studied hard on biological sciences. For a career, Kuro wanted to help others in ways not many could achieve, leading him to studying rare diseases and cancer. While it would prove a fruitless effort, he gave it his all, with papers and reports being a common recognition from him. His astute observations and thinking had him graduating at the top of his class, destining him to a life of success. His achievements had garnered the attention of a well-known doctor, Otto Stamper, who had reached out to Kuro to work under him with a select few, at the Lery's Memorial Institute. Kuro had willingly agreed, expecting a bright future of helping men and women, children and elderly alike. As a bonus, the institute was located just off of Kuro's hometown.

Kuro returned home after graduating with excitement to his parents, who welcomed him with as much happiness they could possibly muster. Kuro had accepted the position Stamper had offered and was ready to get to work. That night at dinner, however, his parents had dropped news on Kuro; his mother would be starting chemotherapy soon. Kuro's mother was in stage two breast cancer and would be starting treatment in three days' time. When Kuro heard the news, he didn't falter. He used it as motivation to start work, asking Stamper if he could start the very next day. Stamper, delighted in Kuro's optimism, accepted.

The very next day, Kuro went in to the Lery's Memorial Institute with a determination none could match. Under Stamper's guidance, he began learning about everything he could, about the processes in the institute, about what they did. It was then that Kuro's determination began to falter. The experiments Stamper laid out were... dangerous. Unthinkable. These weren't designed to help others, but harm them. Kuro wanted nothing to do with this. Kuro was set to help those in need, not hurt those who were healthy. He stayed for one day, in which at the end of his shift, he went to Otto Stamper and declined his opportunity. Stamper wasn't too pleased, but Kuro wasn't having it. He wished Stamper success, and left.

Kuro applied to a hospital just outside of town, and within a week, was starting his first shift. Kuro would stay long, helping others, learning what he can to find a cure for his mother. He was hard-set and determined, leading to a normal week consisting of many twelve hour shifts. One night, after returning home just before midnight, Kuro had a feeling that something terrible had happened. He hurried inside, searching for his parents. He went to their bedroom, where he found them bleeding on the floor. He screamed and ran to their sides. Kuro knelt by their dying bodies, pleading with them, telling them all would be alright. His father was gone; his mother still had some energy left in her. She raised her hand, and ran it through his hair, telling him she loved him, for everything he did. She died in his arms, and as Kuro broke down, the police who had been called earlier came through. They saw Kuro and restrained him, taking him away from his parents.

Kuro was taken into custody and questioned. The questions the officers were asking seemed... one-sided. The questions being asked were seemingly trying to pin the blame on him as the murderer of the Kagachi's. His questioning was relentless and tiring; eventually, Kuro answered a question differently than his previous times, and the police found it as reason for a trial. At his trial, false evidence and testimony was presented, with everything pointing to Kuro as the murderer. Kuro, the kind, gentle person he was, broke down, as he was being blamed for his parent's murder. The judge ruled his tears as admittance of his guilt, and sentenced Kuro to be executed in three months' time.

Kuro was taken to the Cold-Mountain Prison, where he spent many days and nights thinking about how his life had gone to hell. He was left alone in his cell, being seen as a murderer from the public view. Roughly half-way through his time, he was called to the warden's office. At the office, he was detained, and was given a piece of paper. The paper was his preference of execution. It wasn't enough that Kuro was to die, they were also making him choose how he died. Kuro, with shaking hands, chose death by hanging; his medical expertise told him it would be quick, with no pain. He was returned to his cell after his selection, where he was not taken out again until his day. With each passing day, Kuro became more and more afraid about his coming death.

When Kuro's day finally arrived, he was just about a broken mess. He spent all day shaking, crying, wondering how this could have happened to him. All he wanted was to help others... how could this have happened? His thoughts were running until 11:50 that night. He was pulled from his thoughts as he heard the keys jingling in his cell door. He knew his time was up. The officers stepped inside and restrained him, where they began reciting their speech given to all inmates who were on death row. Kuro wasn't listening; he was trembling, and he kept thinking how this could happen to him. What had he done wrong? He graduated, set-off to help others, took a position at Lery's, went to work at...

Immediately, everything clicked in his brain. Otto Stamper wasn't happy at Kuro's rejection. What Stamper did would have caused quite a stir if his work was released to the public. Kuro fully understood; Stamper had connections with quite a few people. He had Kuro's information from his application, Kuro's fingerprints. It would have been easy for him to set everything in motion. As Kuro thought things through in his head, over and over, it became clearer that Stamper must have been the reason behind this. This began a roiling rage withing Kuro.

When the speech was over, the officers began walking Kuro to his execution grounds. Roughly halfway there, another officer was called just in case. It was noted that Kuro had stopped shaking. For someone who was to die in a few minutes, he was eerily calm. His hands were clenched into fists, yet it didn't seem to be out of fear. As Kuro was walked to the grounds, he had one thought repeating in his head. These people would damn an innocent person. With each step, Kuro was increasingly becoming more furious. These officers were probably in on it. They took his parents lives, and now they would take his.

They reached the execution grounds, and Kuro was walked inside. Here, he faltered once; there were no gallows, no methods of hanging. Inside the stadium where voluntary witnesses would see his death, there was an electric chair. Kuro didn't choose this method. Not only would he die, but they also toyed with him, giving him an option of choice, only to take it away. His fury became a pounding rage; for just a second, everything went black in his vision. As the blackness faded, for just a second, he thought he could have seen tendrils. He was escorted to the chair, where he was clamped down and restrained.

As Kuro sat, looking over the audience, he heard the sound of a humming. Unable to look around, he found out a few seconds later that it was an electric razor, and he felt his hair being shaved off. The hair that his mother, once long ago as she lay dying, ran her hand through as she said she loved him for the final time, was being taken away from him. A part of him told him that it makes sense to shave the head to help the current pass through. His rage overcame that part of him, and he actively pulled against the restraints. For the first and only time at Cold-Mountain, the officers questioned whether the clamps would hold. Kuro once again had a moment of blacking out in fury, lasting a little longer this time.

Once his vision came back, the tendrils in the corners lasted longer before fading out. Kuro thought for a moment that it may be something wrong with his eyes. As he came to, he noticed the officers quickly reciting the final speech before his execution. Then, he noticed him. At the far back of the audience, Otto Stamper sat there. Smiling. Kuro knew then that this was all Stamper's doing. Kuro's anger had reached something that no-one in the audience had ever seen before, as he roared out. Stunned for just a moment, the officers concluded quickly, asking if Kuro had any final words. As Kuro stared directly into Stamper's eyes, he asked his final words.

When it comes to light that I really am innocent, what happens to all who claimed falsely against me?

Kuro never got an answer. They wouldn't even give him some peace that Otto Stamper would be found guilty at some point. The cap of the electric chair was placed over Kuro's head, the leather fabric around it shielding his face from the audience watching. In one final moment of rage, Kuro's body roared out. Inside, though, he was calm and meticulous. Kuro knew he would personally kill Otto Stamper. He would come back, for the death of his parents. Even though he was in the dark from the cap, he was somehow seeing flashes of black tendrils before his eyes, to which he presumed was the result of his rage affecting his eyesight.

After a couple seconds after Kuro's final roar, the switch to the electric chair was pulled. Sparks jumped out, the lights flickered. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, until it was noticed that Kuro wasn't shaking. Even though the chair was activated, Kuro's body wasn't conducting electricity. A pop released from the chair, and a smoke-like fog began surrounding him. The witnesses began panicking, and the officers were trying to get everything under control. As the fog enveloped Kuro, everyone there witnessed something unbelievable and frightening. The man, who loved everyone and just wanted to help others, had a rage so intense, that his red eyes began to shine through the leather face covering. His eyes seemed to be staring at something, or someone, but when the officers reviewed the footage from the camera later, there didn't seem to be anything Kuro was staring at.

The panicking crowd became hysterical when the lights went out. They went out only for a few seconds before the back-up generators turned them back on. When they did, everyone stared in shock and horror, as the fog in the room had vanished, revealing Kuro, and the electric chair, had vanished as well.


  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    I'm loving your concept and I would say its near perfection. But as you wanted feedback here is what I would do to improve your concept, Instead of taking a whole soul from a survivor make it a soul fragment it kinda makes more sense in my opinion, with that soul fragment you can go to your electric chair to deposit it. I think the chair would need a visual cue for a survivors to let them know the progression of it similar to the box. As for your perks I really liked the cursed generator.

  • Shaun
    Shaun Member Posts: 28

    To add a bit more polish to the power, here’s a couple things.

    The soul fragment concept: instead of soul fragments, whenever a soul is placed into a power box, the soul is returned to the survivor. As a result, the new addition: whenever you perform the action to place a soul into a power box, you place all your souls into it. The cumulative total of all souls place into all power boxes increase the amount of time required for survivors to deactivate the chair manually. Ex: if each box only holds one soul, it would take about 16 seconds to deactivate the chair if one survivor tampers with it. If each box holds the maximum 4 souls, it would take one survivor about 64 seconds to deactivate the chair. Shutting off a power box still removes 25% of the total charge.

    As for the chair notification, each time a power box is charged, a global audio cue is played (I would imagine it to sound like a shock, maybe similar to the sound of the doctor's shock). For each power box charged, the audio becomes more intense. When the final box is powered, the global audio changes; a lasting cue is played (think of the nightfall audio with the dredge) where all noise is overlayed with the sound of an electric current.

    Furthermore, as the electric chair is a spot to stay away from at all costs, a new addition to be added; there is a mini 'terror radius' to the electric chair. That way even if the aura is obscured, survivors can still tell if they are close to it. It should also be noted that the power boxes have an audio to them as well to help survivors find them.

    I have also changed the perks to fit the Executed more.

    Cursed Generator: Cut-Throat Blade: You start the trial with three tokens. Whenever a survivor completes a generator, the surrounding area becomes cursed. Entering the area will apply afflictions. Whenever a survivor is hit with a basic attack while in the cursed area of effect, apply the mangled, hemorrhage, and deep wound status effects.

    Charge the Chair: You are determined to share the horror of feeling what it's like to be forced to watch one's work result in your death. Whenever a breaking action is performed, gain a token up to 6 tokens. When a survivor is hooked, consume all tokens and progress the sacrifice progress by 3%/4%/5%

    Final Walk: As you have taken your final walk to face death, so should those who wronged you. Whenever an exit gate is opened, Final Walk activates. Any survivor who is in the dying state will have the exit gates blocked for them. If the killer has less than 4/5/6 hook states, the killer can perform the mori action on a downed survivor.

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    You're concept is perfect and I would very much would love to see this killer come into the game. One or two final things I would change are: Give the executed a three second stun after being rescued from the gallows and maybe add a re-spawn to destroyed gallows, as once they are destroyed your chair is useless. Maybe give it a 2m re-spawn time to make destroying them impact full for survivors to do as a secondary objective, as well as keeping it balanced for the killer.

    The perks are good but Final Walk is to op, its devour hope on steroids. Running this perk build will result in an ez 4 mori game: Bloodwarden, NOED, Final Walk and Hex: Undying.