FNAF licensed chapter concept



Height: tall

Speed: 4.6m/s

TR: 32m

POWER: Fazbear Fright

Patrol time 50 seconds, chase time 15 seconds, cooldown 10 seconds.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Good for business

You start the trial with 10 Animatronics which are randomly scattered. THE ATTRACTION can see the auras in white. Upon looking in the direction of one of your animatronics hold the active ability button for 2 seconds to transfer a soul into it. It will then travel to the generator making the most noise in the trial, if no survivors are in sight it will patrol the map randomly. Hearing survivor sounds will cause it to follow where they are coming from, such as grunts of pain, generators repairing, sabotaging, running and healing. Having direct line of site with the survivor will begin a chase sequence. Once a chase has begun the aura of the machine is hidden to the killer. Chase will end once a survivor is hit or the chase time has run out. Regardless of which the animatronic will lose its soul and become stationary, if it hit a survivor they are revealed by killer instinct.

A second animatronic can be activated but the patrol time is reduced to 25 seconds for each.

STATS: Lunge is short, 4.0m/s, breaking speed is 3 seconds, 3 second stun by pallet. blind duration 1 second


cooldown 45 seconds

Once the power gauge is full you can activate party time. Upon activation all animatronics come to life and start to perform what they were designed to do, scare and entertain. They all do their signature moves and dance. 8 out of the 10 will be stationary making lots of noise, if the killer is within 10 meters of an active animatronic his TR is hidden by the noise it is making. two random animatronics are activated and patrol the trial. Survivors who are within 2 meters range of the 8 stationary killers have a chance to become injured. If a survivor goes past one there is a 50% chance it will hit the survivor and then continue its show. Disables special ability good business.


Once the survivor has reached the second hook stage you may place them in one of the 10 spring-lock suits around the map. Once inside the survivor has 30 seconds to be saved, if they die their soul is placed into the suit and they are able to control it.

The survivor in the suit can't body block the survivor or killer.

The survivor has a The Shape TIER one lunge range and miss cool-down is increased by one second. If the survivor is stunned twice they are removed from the trial. The survivor has the same base stats as an ai controlled when ignoring the slight balances.

A maximum of one survivor may have their soul transported into an animatronic per a trial.