The Last Stitches - Survivor Original Paragraph Concept

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Abigail “Abby” Moore


Abigail was so passionate about the human body ever since she could see. She’d hope that one day, just one; she could perhaps save a life. A human life. All her studies were straight A’s, securing her in the highest honor classes in her high school. She knew she was going to get into Medical School. She took online classes in the summer at the local community college as well! Soon enough, with a 4.0 GPA; she made it into her dream. Medical school.

While in class, she was given a dummy to take home. The assignment was to make sure the dummy had stable conditions that Abigail would have to record on a notepad. But.. how? She didn’t think much of it and just took a thermometer and pointed it at the dummy’s face. It smiled back, slowly shushing her. Abigail was instantly freaked out. She’d never fail, any assignment ever. She couldn’t take this one bit but… That A+ will be worth it. She pushed through it and thought it was her stressing over the assignment.

12 years later. Famous Surgeon in the medical field, Abigail Moore was an iconic doctor who was featured on TV shows, books, movies, radios, and all of that kind. Now, she got an email. But it had no sender/email. What the hell? She refreshed her page but… Again, no sender email was given. Not even a “no-reply” email. Just blank. In the text it read she needed to be performing a highly confidential and important surgery in South Africa. Her screen turned black after reading those lines, and it read “Speak to noone, if you do. You will die.”

The next morning Abigail vanished onto the very first plane she could find that left as early as possible to South Africa. Of course, she didn't wanna die. All that money, glam, fame. It had made her greed take over her. When she stepped onto the soils of Africa, chills went down her spine. Chills… like someone was watching her. She met with african men in suits who looked very important. As she walked down a weird hallway she soon found herself in a laboratory. The men spoke in native language signaling to everyone and pointing to Abigail. 

Abigail stood there. She didn’t know any language they were speaking in. She kindly greeted herself and asked everyone what their name was. They all… stared at her. The important men showed her to the surgery room where she started scrubbing in. “Getting ready. Maybe.. This will end up in the media and grab people’s attention. Ugh, I am sooo lucky.”, Abigail said. When she stepped into that surgery room. She saw there. A mutilated man. “WHAT THE HELL.?” There was no way she could perform. When she looked up, she was held at gunpoint. 

Abigail was absolutely CLUELESS. She didnt know the surgery she was doing, she didnt know who these men were… Had she’d fallen into a deadly trap? The man spoke in english. Screaming at her to fix this man. She slowly picked up the scalpel and drew blood trying to see if any internal problems in his body were occurring. Again, Abigail was clueless. Was she seeing this correctly? Orange blood? Orange. Orange. ORANGE?! She gasped. Looked up, and she was no longer in the room. She looked down. Breathing there, staring up at her. She knew. She knew. She knew. Oh, she knew. That dummy had come to haunt her.

All this fame made her… so gullible. As a thick black fog engulfed the both of them, he cried out… Help me now. She said… “How?”, and he slowly sat up. Screamed, chasing violently at her. NOWHERE TO RUN, NOWHERE TO HIDE. ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF FOG…  ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF FOG. Seeing a tree, hiding behind it. Stitching her scrape she got. Wait. When though? When she looked up, she was back in some hospital. Not any hospital shed ever knew. But a big blue sign read; Lery’s Memorial Institute. All she could do was walk in. 

Goodnight Abigail.