Chapter Idea: Tragedy at Sea (Survivor and Killer)

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Survivor: Aaron Walters

A competent sailor with only one leg, Aaron is a shark attack survivor. After his incident, he returned home to his wife and kids.  Trying to live a quiet life, he still hears the sea, calling him back to his nightmares.


Breakthrough:  While Healthy, you have the ability rush through a killer's body block for 1 second.  Breakthrough causes the Exhausted status for 40/30/20 seconds, You are still susceptible to a Killer's attack.

Fair Winds:

After healing a dying survivor to the Injured state, Fair Winds activates. The healed survivor has increased Luck by 3/4/5% for the next time they are hooked. Once unhooked or reach second stage, Fair Winds deactivates

A Father's Love:

When taking a protection hit for a carried Survivor within 6 meters, the carried Survivor's Wiggling speed is increased by 20/30/40%. If freed from a carry, the Survivor leaves no scratch marks for 5 seconds.

Killer: The Siren

A monsterous sea creature from the dark depths of the ocean, beautiful at first glance, but her song will send you to an early death. *When not in chase, appears as a beautiful woman. When in chase, her face turns into something like an angler fish*

Killer Powers: Siren's Song

Press M2 to activate Siren's Song, while activated, all pallets and windows within 10 meters of the Killer become blocked for 20 seconds and all Survivors in her terror radius become unable to hear anything else except for her song. The killer's movement speed is slowed by 10%.

Alternate Ability: The Siren rushes forward, grasping for a Survivor. She will instantly Carry the survivor. Missing her lunge will stagger her for 2 seconds.


Hex: Drowning in Darkness: Any Survivor within 6/12/24 meters of any Dull Totem suffer from Obliviousness and Blindness. The Hex effects persist until its Hex Totem is cleansed.

Hex: Lethal Allure: One trapped Hex Totem will spawn in the Trial Grounds. When this Hex Totem is cleansed or blessed, the current Obsession becomes afflicted with Broken and Exposed for 30/60/90 seconds.

Lost at Sea: Whenever you put a Survivor into the Dying State, their Aura is blocked from being revealed to any Survivor for 5/10/15 seconds. Whenever another Survivor is within 10 meters from the Dying/Hooked Survivor, their Aura is blocked becomes blocked for 5/10/15 seconds.

The idea for this chapter was to create a survivor to help with Tunneling and Body blocking Killers. There's too many stories of people being tunneled, (whether is true or not is irrelevant) and the worst one is Killers body blocking survivors in a corner. Aaron's perks allow him to beat that strategy and even prevent people from being camped in basement if he's there to take a hit. So he's best played to heal a down survivor and to body block the killer from hooking.

The killer was an idea that I had for a Sea Creature-esque Killer that made "Just hold W" a tougher choice. Two of her perks are to keep people unknowing where she'll strike from, until you hear her song. While her Lethal Allure makes Survivors second guess whether they should bless or cleanse a Hex totem at the risk of losing a partner. I personally thought Hex perks needed something to make them scary again. I can see downsides to these perks as they are completely nullified by good coms, and I agree.

All in all, I'm open to suggestions on nerfing or buffing. Or if you think this is just a bad suggestion for a chapter. I just thought it'd be cool to a have a disabled/father survivor and another monster killer that can shut down vaulting.