New killer idea: The Priest

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Nickname: The Priest

Name: Eugeniusz Zamojski


Eugeniusz was a very promising cleric. In the seminary, he applied himself to theology and psychology, wanting his ministry to be as good as possible. He happened to offend the lecturers when he publicly criticized some of the outdated traditions and tried to propose modern alternatives. When the time of his studies was coming to an end, Eugeniusz witnessed a traumatic event. When he was studying in one of the monasteries, he noticed a strange, flickering light coming from one of the monks' cells, he decided to get closer, a thick, dark mist began to emerge from under the door, shapes resembling tentacles or snakes moved inside the fog. The young clergyman opened the door, seeing something like spider legs pull one of the monks through the ceiling into the burning circle and disappear. Eugeniusz had never encountered a similar phenomenon, but it confirmed him in his vocation. He decided to explore the secrets of demonology and exorcisms, to find out what happened in the monk's cell and be prepared when a similar demon will appear again in the mortal world.

Father Eugeniusz was a respected parish priest who also worked as an exorcist. Every few days he received reports of demon possession. Few of the reports were true, most of the possessions that the priest came into contact with were just various mental illnesses, although there were sometimes real cases of evil forces attacking people. However, throughout his several years of ministry to God, he had never met or even read about anything that resembled the creature he met towards the end of his apprenticeship as a seminarian. Untill…

One day the priest heard a soft whisper. The sounds were incomprehensible, although the words "Eugeniuszu!" and "fight!" appeared in them. Guessing that it was a trick and that the Evil One was really trying to mess with the priest's head, Father Eugeniusz took out his rosary and his prayer book and entered the place where the whispers were coming from. Black tentacles wrapped around the priest, lashing his face, leaving numerous scars and wounds, and whispering to him as he tried to perform an exorcism. Eventually the tentacles gave way, but Eugeniusz found himself in a strange, dark place full of pain, suffering and demons. He saw a shadow moving in the distance, under the flickering lights. Priest's eyes went white: "I'll kill them all," he said, and started walking.

Killer Speed: 110%

Terror Radius: 24m

Power: Exorcism

Priest says a prayer for a few seconds, converting his basic attack to a ranged attack. Hitting a Survivor with an Exorcism damages them for one health state, then summons several luminous nails to them after a few seconds. Nails pinns the Survivor to the ground. The nails prevent the survivor from moving for a few seconds when nailed down, survivors cannot be damaged or healed for that time. If the Survivor is put into a state of agony after an exorcism, when the nails disappear, Killer Instinct activates for 5s, allowing the priest to locate crawling survivor.


Divine Intervention: Blinding the killer also causes the survivor to be blinded for 50% of the duration of the blindness.

Holy Light: Each survivor within 10m of a repaired generator has their aura lit up for the killer. Holy light lasts for 2s after going out of range.

Hex "Malleus Maleficarum": When survivor boons a totem, hex “Malleus Maleficarum” activates, turning blessed totem into a hex, the totem is locked for 30s to other survivors, and for the entire trial to the boon caster. While the curse is active, none of the cursed survivor's boon perks will work. Malleus Maleficarum cannot be blessed, only clensed.


Some food for thought.

  • How many tokens exorcism should have between prayers? how long window to use range attack before it fade out?
  • how long being nailed should lasts?
  • How long should be ranged attack created by exorcism?
  • Should Malleus Maleficarum being able to activate for every survivor, or only once per trial?

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