STAR WARS licensed chapter concept

Name: THE SITH "Darth Vader"

Height: Tall

Speed: 4.6 m/s

TR: 32m

Chase Music: I would have a listen its very well made.

Unique features: Survivors will have scorch marks on their bodies; once stunned his breathing will change, he will sound like he is struggling to breath. Effect persists for 3 seconds after stun. Whenever Vader is undetectable the survivors will gain the cold passive effect.



THE SITH starts the trial with the undetectable status effect. He will have this effect permanently until performing any action or being stunned/blinded.

Survivors gain the effect Cold Sense. When THE SITH is within 10 meters their screen will darken and the survivor will tremble. This effect is only active while THE SITH is undetectable and deactivates once it has ended.


At the start of the trial gain a 100 percent power gauge.

All special attacks are toggled to this ability.

Looking an object will activate a toggle on the screen, depending on the object hold the active ability button to activate its specific effect on the environment. Objects you can interact with are in a white aura, Except from survivors as they will have an orange and red aura.


  • Force Pull-When Within range toggle the active ability button when looking at a survivor. When pressed the survivor is pulled a few meters towards THE SITH. This ability also has a distance limit which is the range that push needs to activate, survivors who you can affect with pull are in an orange aura and are highlighted in a red aura when they can be affected with push. Activates for 25 percent force gauge.
  • Force Push-When Within range toggle the active ability button to push the survivor several meters if collided with an object they are stunned and lose a health state. Activates for 25 percent force gauge.


  • Push-Only applies to dropped pallets, When Within range toggle the active ability button to push the pallet. The pallet will travel 3 meters or until it has hit something if it has hit a survivor remove a health-state. Active for 20 percent force gauge.
  • Drop-If a survivor is within a 0.5 meter range of a undropped pallet drop it for 15 percent force gauge. The survivor will be stunned for half a second if hit.
  • Force Crush-When Within range of a dropped pallet break the pallet. Activates for 10 percent Force gauge.


  • Search-When within range looking at a locker gives you the choice to search it from a distance. Activates for 5 percent power gauge.
  • Force Grab-If a survivor is in a locker while you search it with the force you pull them towards you and carry them. Increase power gauge spent to 15 percent.


  • Force Crush-When Within range damage the exit gate causing it to regress at a slow rate. Activates for 10 percent power gauge.


  • Force crush-When within range remotely damage a generator for 10 percent Force Gauge.


Instantly consume 75 percent of the force gauge and gain the following effects

  • Successful hits have no cooldown but put survivors in the deep wounds state.
  • Miss cooldown reduced by 30 percent.
  • Survivors who are pushed into an environment lose a health state.
  • Power gauge recharges at half the usual rate
  • Force Pull and push are replaced with force choke

Force Choke-Once in range toggle the active ability button while aiming at the survivor. Once captured you Force Choke them for three seconds. Once finished the survivor will be put into the Injured state. If the survivor is in the Injured state already, inflicts the Deep Wound effect. Vader has a two second recovery. Activate for 20 percent force gauge.


  • Chordyceps
    Chordyceps Member Posts: 1,585

    I think this is a really cool concept for a power. The abilities all seem pretty useful. How strong this killer would be I feel like would largely depend on how quickly charges of Force regenerate.

    I'm also definitely curious to know what Vader's perks would be.

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    I'm curious too I can't think of any lmao