What interesting movie can you advise me to watch?

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Hello from Ukraine.

Air raid alarm, I'm at shelter right now and I'm really bored.

So I'd like to adk you what interesting movie I can watch. And of course we can discuss movies in comments.



  • Mooks
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    Sorry you have to go through this..

    as to movie recommendations, kinda depends on what genres you like etc.

    Interstellar, Gravity, Martian, Arrival are some space/sci fi movies I can recommend for example if you are into those

    since you are in the DbD forums, I guess Horror would be interesting as well? Scream is a classic and I can also recommend the new movies (Scream 4 and Scream 5) - I watched them all recently (and was kinda let down by 2 and to some degree 1 - definitely better in my memory)…

  • Lekitzul
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    The new Scream actually is really good, I really enjoyed how they introduced the new main "survivor girl" and how she is tied in with the original Scream people. Quiet Place is really good. =) So is the Invitation and Unholy, if you like scary.