I think Haddie should have received a boon

Iza13 Member Posts: 53

I mean I think it would fit her lore really great since she obviously has a connection to the entity. It would make sense if she could influence its world in a way. On the other hand you shouldn't squeeze a boon on her just because it would fit her because I think there should be actual interesting perks and not something that has to fit the character by any means. But her perks are also really bad anyway sooo wouldn't really make a difference anyway I guess ^^


  • HugTheHag
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    True !

    I haven't read all of her lore, but I think your logic stands.

    I don't know what could have been done as a new boon, considering running speed, healing, stealth and self-pickup are already covered. Maybe chase action speed, to make it pair well with Dark Theory ?

    Her perks ARE quite bad. Only reason I got the adept was, of all things, a merciful Bubba giving me hatch.

  • FatallyIconic
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    I completely agree with you. It would be great to see a boon that fits Haddie's lore and connection to the entity, but it should also be interesting and not forced. I hope the developers take this into consideration and give her perks that are more useful and fun to play with. Haddie deserves better tbh.

  • GillyBeannn
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    yeah, made no sense for jonah to have a boon, but haddie doesn't. I've would've switched exponential with residual manifest, cuz jonah fishing for a "weapon" of some sort seems more accurate.

  • paul106i
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    I agree! It's a shame they finished the boon / scourge hook era one chapter too soon for Haddie. Aura reading would probably have made the most sense with the connection to the Entity etc. (which they did with her other perk) - they gave Wiretap to Ada in the following chapter, so I have my suspicions it may have been reused / reworked!