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Vampire chapter concept

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killer name: child of the night

as for me, vampires are too many-sided and it would be uninteresting to limit them

so we will have like legion with male and female characters

size medium/high, TR 40 m

Ability Blood Rage:

the ability has 3 levels, each time you deal damage you fill it a little

Level 1: You increase your movement speed to 4.8
window climbing speed up to 15%
recovery after being pallet stunned by 15%  less
and pallet breaking speed up to 10%
flashlight  time for stun  0.75
ability duration 10 seconds
ability cooldown time 15 sec

after 5 hits in an ability, you level up

Level 2: movment speed 4.9
window climbing speed up to  20%
pallet stun 20%
pallet breaking 15%
flashlight time for stun 1.0
ability duration  12.5 sec
ability cooldown time 16

after 10 hits in second level you up to 3

level 3: movment speed 5.0
window climbing speed up to 25%
pallet stun 30%
pallet breaking 20%
flashlight time for stun 1.25
ability duration 15 sec 
ability cooldown time 17 sec

now a little explanation

while using blood rage, you can be stunned with a flashlight (like wraith)

so it will be an m1 killer on steroids but with a weakness to flashlight, so flashlight perks will be more useful

ability "gift of the night" if the survivor is on the ground, then the killer can bite him, infecting him with vampirism
vampirism has 5 stages, each new stage fills in 20 seconds
1 self heal in 15% faster  
2 survivor 3% faster
3 speed buff and self heal ends and you healing other surv 20% slower
4 survivor repair the generator 10% slower and hear TR near other survivors
5 survivor move 5% slower
there are 4 UV lamps on the map with 4 charges, each charge reduces vampirism by 2


  • hemophobia survivor interaction speed is reduced by 10% if you are injured
  • hex bloodline you see blood pool auras while the totem is active
  • echolocation, if you stand still for more than 5 seconds you see the auras of survivors within a radius of 32 meters if they interact (survivors will be warned if they are under the effect of a perk)

Survivor name candace:

you can know her story from the seventh book


  • sunlight every time you blind the killer you restore 8% of the flashlight's charge
  • boon mystical restore, restores 0.25% of an item's charge per second if you are in the blessing area
  • light in the dark, increases your movement speed by 150% for 3 seconds if you have successfully blinded the killer, after speeding up, you get an exhaustion effect for 40 seconds

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  • Snowflake_Syndrome
    Snowflake_Syndrome Member Posts: 239

    We absolutely need a vampire related chapter.

  • ShittusPlayus
    ShittusPlayus Member Posts: 7
    edited January 2023

    There will be almost certainly be one and it will be likely Vlad himself.

    I just hope they will make him as good, and more importantly, intense as Oni.

  • sanees
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    even though Vlad was shown to us first of all, I hope the developers will make a more diverse customization system and Vlad will be some kind of legendary skin

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  • sanees
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    (I couldn't come up with a name for all the addons, so I'll just write the name and color)

    brown addons
    1 reduces ability cooldown by 2 seconds
    2 increases ability time by 3 seconds
    3 increases the cast time of the UV paw by 2 seconds
    4 survivors don't see UV lamps auras until infestation reaches level 4

    1 increases the movement speed in the ability by 0.1
    2 increases flashlight stun time by 0.5
    3 places an Injury and Bleed effect on survivors attacked during the ability
    4 inflicts oblivious on all survivors attacked during the ability
    5 reduces hits to move to the next stage by 2

    1 after bite, survivors gain stage 3 vampirism, 
    if the survivor is already infected, then after the bite he gets 5 stage
    2 reduces infection time to 15 seconds ( basic 20)
    3 Stages 1 and 2 have no bonuses for survivors
    4 after biting, you see the auras of survivors within a radius of 32 meters
    5 after biting, survivors cannot use UV lamps for the next 120 seconds

    1 reduces the number of UV lamps by 1
    2 all survivors start the game infected
    3 increases all debuffs from infection by 5%
    4 Infected spreads the debuff 24 meters away from him

    1 increases the number of UV lamps by 1
    vampirism can no longer be fully healed
    UV lamps reduce vampirism by 1 (instead of 2)
    2 attacks during the ability can no longer knock down the survivor,
     instead the survivor gets a deep wound and becomes infected with vampirism
     (if already infected, increase the infection by 1)

  • Thralfazuz
    Thralfazuz Member Posts: 165

    I'm sure that with those survivor perks you items will be infinite, don't forget build to last exist

  • sanees
    sanees Member Posts: 518
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    this is not so much, in 100 seconds 25% while building to last is many times more efficient

    just a good global perk, especially unlike coh, it should be placed in an active place, and not at the other end of the map.

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