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(Disclaimer: I can't really imagine it being this advanced, but I also can't imagine it not being a good Anniversary Chapter. Feel free to critique it as you may, love to read opinions on these types of things.)

New Killer: The Alien; the Xenomorph is a perfect organism set to protect her queen, annihilate trespassers, and find new hosts to populate its species.

Primary Power: Perfect Organism; After the first Generator is repaired, a number of Ovomorphs spawn in the map. Ovomorphs that detect a Survivor will spawn a Face Hugger, which will proceed to chase them and automatically latch itself onto the Survivor's face if it catches up, leaving the Survivor on the ground getting impregnated, a successful impregnating will cause the Ovomorph that spawned it to die out. Killer Instinct shows you where the Survivor is for 5 seconds. If the Face Hugger doesn't find the host within 30 seconds of roaming around, it will die (Does not kill the Ovomorph). Although, they will go for other nearby Survivors. The infected Survivor remains Impregnated for 15 minutes until he collapses, and a Chestburster pops out of his chest, killing him in the process. Every Gen repair spawns an Ovomorph.

Post Impregnation: you fall into a deep sleep for 60 seconds, or at least until you get picked up. Effected with Killer Instinct for 5 seconds.

For the first 1 minute: their Gen, Healing and Totem Speed is decreased by 5%,

3 minutes in: their speed decreases to 5%, they also receive the Hindered Effect, and you start to cough a bit.

5 minutes in: you receive the Hemorrhage Effect, and you start to cough up blood.

10 minutes in: you become Broken and Blind, and your POV is decreased by 50%. Survivors has 5 minutes left to escape before he dies.

14 minutes in: The Alien cannot harm you at the last minute, because you're about to birth an Alien. Instead, it needs to get close enough to grab you to take you to a Nest.

15 minutes MAX: an Alien bursts from your chest, and you die.

Secondary Power: Apex Predator; the Alien goes into a sprint for about 10 seconds, taking a health state from a Survivor caught in collision with it. The Alien can also use Apex Predator to break Pallets and Walls, and to leap through Windows. Apex Predator has a 5 second cooldown.

Bonus Power: Climb; depending on the map or the structures, you are able to climb or leap up to any surface to get to higher ground, via widow vault, doorway or hilltop. It tells you where to climb, you cannot climb any barriers or looping structures.

Special Power: The Nest; While impregnated for the first 60 seconds, the Survivor is put into a deep sleep where if the Alien picks you up, it gets to put you in a Nest, which will count as a hook. First Hook at Nest: The Survivor's Impregnant time decreases by 3%. Second Hook at Nest: The Survivor's Impregnant time decreases by 5%. Third Hook at Nest: The Chestburster pops out automatically killing the Survivor. After putting a Survivor in a Nest, you gain Killer Instinct for 5 seconds.

Finisher Mori: The Alien impales the Survivor with its tail, and then crawls over to give them the kiss of death with their mini-mouth, through the forehead, leaving a giant hole in the middle.

Unique Item: Flamethrower; can be obtained by saving 4 Survivors from a Nest. It can be used to burn out Ovomorphs, Face Huggers, and Nests. It is consumed after the Gates are powered. Using it on the Killer increases Flamethrower consumtion by 50%. Is consumed when the Exit Gates are powered up.

The Alien's Three Sharable Perks are:

Primitive Instinct; Your Aura Reading abilities are Increased by 4/6/8 meters when equipped.

Game Over; Shows you the location of Survivors within 4/5/6 meters of you and another Survivor in the Dying State. (It will only be a bad idea if we get the Mori/Unbreakable update, otherwise, this could be a Hex.)

Invasive; When you chase the Obsession, you remain Undetectable to all non-Obsessions until you win or lose chase. Lingers for 10/15/20 seconds. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

New Survivor: Ellen Ripley; a warrant officer who survived a number of deadly alien attacks, and in the end, sacrificed herself for the others after finding out that she was pregnant with an Alien Queen. They were both taken by the Fog, before either of them died.

Ellen Ripley's Three Sharable Perks are:

Boon: Signing Off; Survivor's within range of your Boon Totem will not be affected by Killer Instinct. Reduces the Boon's range by 16/14/12 meters.

On The Line: Picking Survivors up from the Dying State gives you a Token, up to 4/3/2 Tokens. When all Tokens are achieved, you are able to recover from the Dying State automatically, once per match. (Disabled during End Game Collapse.)

Breaking Quarantine: The Last Survivor and the Killer can see the Aura of the Hatch. If either party finds it first, their Aura will be revealed near it, and if it is shut by the Killer, their Aura lingers 3/4/5 seconds. When the Hatch is closed, then the Survivor gets a notification the first time a Killer is near an Exit Gate, once per trial. If you're the Obsession, both parties get a notification.

Legendary Set #1: Amanda Ripley; Ellen Ripley's Daughter from the video game 'Alien: Isolation.'

Legendary Set #2: Michael Bishop; a human version of Bishop the synthetic android from 'Aliens'.

New Map: Somewhere in the USS Sulaco (Aliens) or the Sevastopol Station (Alien: Isolation).

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    I really do want an Alien Chapter. Mainly for a map. The nest idea is cool, but I do worry that the survivors not having many ways to combat impregnation will just all die to a killer that decides to run a gen slowdown build after 2 or more survivors are impregnated. I saw the flamethrower, but there's no info on how that spawns or how easy it is to use.

    I did have some input on the perks:

    Invasive doesn't sound like a perk. Sounds like a nerf. You always want to know as much about the survivors as you can.

    Breaking Quarantine's only benefit is that you know the killer is near the hatch and possibly camping it. If the killer is stealth their aura won't appear unless this perk overrides that. Then the notification that you are at a door is half of the perk No Way Out which is a Killer perk.

    Boon: Signing Off is possibly better than Dark Theory, but the amount of killers who get Killer Instinct is less than half. It would be situationally good vs Wesker, Twins, Nemesis, Legion, Dredge, Demogorgon and Artist.

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    I accidently wrote Oblivious instead of "Undetectable". Thank you for the feedback, and for your opinion.

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    Your concept was nice to read but I think the eggs, affects, and facehuggers need a small remork/or buff. Your secondary power is basically blights rush but way better, nor does the alien really need something like this, If i were designing the alien chapter i would primarily make it hive based but if a secondary power were to be added I would add a crouch or a leap mechanic with no way of damaging survivors. Furthermore a five second delay before it can be used again is way to overpowered.