Chapter ideas Coraline or Tim Burtons animated movie Nine

Thralfazuz Member Posts: 158

Imagine Coraline evil mother chasing after you as a killer she would be very chase oriented.

You as a survivor start with 3 souls each time she downs you, she can break one of the souls when that happens you are teleported far away from her (like executioner cages) those doesn't count as hook states if a survivor has no more souls she can mori you doesn't matter the hook states pretty much like sadako

Now here is an option to force her to hook survivors

she can choose what type of soul to break first for example red, green, blue, if she picks red soul but you don't have it then her ability to break souls goes on cooldown for 40 secs (that's not her M2 btw she will still have a power) survivors can also share their souls and change their variation for example one survivor can have all red souls or 2 blues and one green and it would be the killer job to guess correctly if she wants to mori you

Maybe this killer gameplay concept is a little bit niche but would be terrifying to see her in game I mean cmon, look a this:

The robots from Tim burton animated movie Nine, for example:

A classic that you should watch, maybe this images don't express too much fear but the movie sure does, would love to see one of them in the game