Dead Space Killer Concept (Thoughts and Feedback?)

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Killer: The Necromorph 


Marker’s Touch is The Necromorph’s primary weapon. Reshaped and reformed from broken bones and flesh, it has been repurposed to shred flesh and carry out the Marker’s will. 


POWER DESCRIPTION: The Necromorph begins the trial with four Markers scattered throughout the map. Each Marker occasionally respawns a dead corpse in it’s radius for which the killer may use to reanimate in. Each time the killer teleports to a Marker, the Marker will blast out a signal for five seconds. Survivors within 32 meter radius of that Marker will suffer from the tiered “Unity” status effect. 

Survivors can prevent The Necromorph from reanimating near Markers by holding down the action button when interacting with a corpse to dismember them. Doing so will delay the respawn of a corpse for a short period. 


Unity causes increasingly severe hallucinations and other debuffs on survivors depending on it’s tier. Each time a survivor is hit with a blast signal from a Marker they will gain Unity progression. Once the Unity status effect is gained it cannot be removed and may only regress to Unity 1 when performing the “snap out of it” interaction after reaching Unity 2.


.Causes the afflicted survivor to scream, once during the tier up. The survivor has a 20% chance to scream when coming within 32 meters of a Marker

.Causes survivors to see hallucinatory fake pallets in place of destroyed and used pallets. 


. Causes the afflicted survivor to scream, once during the tier up. The survivor has a 44% chance to scream when coming within 50 meters of a Marker

. Causes survivors to experience occasional hallucinations in the form of illusionary survivors. Real survivors will now have a 15 meter terror radius with a red stain


. Causes the afflicted survivor to scream, once during the tier up. The survivor will then be faced with an incredibly difficult skill check. Failure to succeed in this skill check will result in the survivor performing a self-inflicted mori. 


The Necromorph must reanimate in order to teleport to a Marker. Press and hold the ability button while looking at a Marker to teleport to a corpse within it’s radius to reanimate. This action has a cool down of 10 seconds. 



Your ties to the divine fuel your hunger for the unconverted. When a survivor is put into the dying state, 1/2/3 other survivor(s) in the trial will be afflicted with the broken status effect until the downed survivor(s) are healed. 


Some blessings gifted are just curses in disguise. Survivors within the killer’s terror radius heal 40/45/50% faster. If the survivor finishes healing while in the killer’s terror radius they will be afflicted with the exposed status effect for 30/45/60 seconds. 


This soothing lullaby fuels your darker implications. Survivors who successfully blind the killer immediately scream and are afflicted with the hindered status effect for 5/10/15 seconds. 

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  • CosmicParagon
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    Basically Doctor and Sadako rolled into one, and TLS is literally just lightborn

  • Count_Dooki
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    @CosmicParagon Yeah, my killer concept is pretty much a Doctor and Sadako hybrid. As for the perk “Twinkle Little Star” I wanted to specify that the killer will still be blinded in the process, the only catch is that the survivor will scream (giving away their position via audio) and be hindered. The perk doesn’t prevent blindness. I’ll change the wording though.

  • burt0r
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    What happens when the killer ports to a marker but the corpse was dismembered?

    Are they stuck for 10 seconds in the marker until they can port to another marker? What happens when all marker corpses are dimember that the same time? Or does the dismemberment simply block the teleport like sadakos TVs?

    Also i think necromorphs and Isaac don't really fit into the DBD metric. Isaac is too much of a bad ass and kills necromphs by the dozens.

    It would need to be the regenerator or worse and as survivor the "unmarked" Nicole maybe, in my eyes.

  • Count_Dooki
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    @burt0r I’m imagining it would be a similar process to Demogoron and his portals. If the survivors are in the middle of dismembering a corpse (similar to closing demos portals) and The Necromorph begins to teleport to them before they can finish, then the dismembering process is immediately canceled and the killer appears. If the corpse is destroyed before the killer begins teleporting they will not be able to teleport to that Marker until it spawns another corpse.

    The teleportation action itself doesn’t take ten seconds to perform. It just takes 10 seconds to cool down. I hope it all makes sense.

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