Perks based on myself.

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Had this thought recently: "if I would go into the entity's realm today, what new perks would I bring into the game?"

This is what I came up with.

emergency peripherals

Sometimes it is important to be aware of every danger.

When injured, the auras of killer property appear in a 6/7/8 meter radius.

hood up

You have experience in simply disappearing when things get too uncomfortable.

Hiding in the killer's terror radius for 60 seconds will charge hood up. press the active ability button to activate hood up for 10/15/20 seconds. As long as Hood up is activated, you leave no scratch marks, traces of blood or cries of pain. Hood up is disabled and needs to be recharged.

Maverick (most people would probably say loner, not gonna lie XD)

You prefer to keep to yourself to be efficient.

If you work alone on a generator you get a 3%/4%/5% bonus speed on repairing and see the auras of all generators that are also being worked on.

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