New Killer Lore

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what is up with it. i didnt read the whole thing because i dont like her.


  • Anniehere
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    In my opinion, the character lacks a lot of depth. From the whole story I understand that she is actually a competitive person who does not want to stand behind, and she killed the people who challenged her or was in her way.

    She liked her father's Manga and was inspired by his creation...

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    her lore doesn’t explore her all that much, it’s not that great.

    she was only but a young girl until she found the manga’s that her father created and became inspired, similarly to how deathslinger and trickster got their nicknames, “the skull merchant” came from those manga’s. Anywho she starts running an online site where she has other people make manga for her, later in her life her father left. Making her the only source of income since her mother didn’t work. When she turned 18 she had already become as self made millionaire. She bought companies and literally killed competition. But ultimately, was taken by the entity.

    they really should’ve explored her more because there’s no explanation on how she got into robotics and the only big character trait we have of her is that she will become absolutely obsessed with anything if it means she is the best.

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    in short she is rich and evil and thinks she is a anime character

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    Haven't fully read her lore, but I'm guessing because "she gets high grades therefore she can do robotics" or something. Or they're going to leave the robotics for a tome and they threw the robotics in while planning that for a tome. Which is... really lazy.

    Honestly, this chapter feels like a mess, the Killer's design being too many things at once + bad power being the highlight of this chapter.

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    it feela so lazy, ridiculous, and out of place...

  • Zeidoktor
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    I've personally wondered if Skull Merchant's lore isn't a deliberate reference to Mark Twitchell, a.k.a. the Dexter killer, a serial killer wannabe out of Edmonton who was big in the cosplay scene and was as wannabe a filmmaker as he was a serial killer.

    He decided he wanted to be a serial killer like the title character of Dexter but, where Dexter would go after criminals who slipped through the cracks, Twitchell seduced men by posing as a woman on a dating site and luring him to the warehouse he was using as horror film set he'd made to be where he'd kill his victims. He only got one, two if you count the one he attacked but who got away, and was very swiftly caught afterward.

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    The Skull Merchant ultimately comes across as a commentary on the ultra rich being able to do whatever they want to both defend their wealth as well as get away with almost anything because of their extreme status in society. I think there is definitely an interesting discussion to be had on how having enough money means you can essentially get away with murder in the right circumstances, but it doesn't really make for an interesting killer for Dead by Daylight in my opinion.

    In a game filled with literal movie monsters and creatures created out of interesting moral dilemmas and sad backstories that can be empathized with or related too, having someone SO VASTLY outside of the moral framework due to their wealth and just abusing it to kill people just really isn't interesting.

    The nurse was born from the madness of loss and being abused and over worked, the spirit was created by pure vengeance from being killed by her father, the dredge is an elder god that was worshiped by a cult leader who led people astray, the clown is a really on the nose interpretation of several serial killers combined.

    Not all of the killers have backstories that are relatable or understandable, but at least the ones that are just evil for the sake of being evil are based in something that we can call kind of understand. A woman abusing her power and wealth to kill people to continue to be powerful and wealthy while pretending to be the manga character her father created but evil just isn't really that interesting amongst the amazing characters we've already had the pleasure of reading about.

    I'm sure she was a passion project that someone spent a very long time to write and design. I just personally don't like her.

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    ALSO I would like to point out that most horror movies that revolve around the rich getting to just do what they want and hurt people are regularly regarded as some of the most uncomfortable and disturbing versions of horror to watch. Id also say its perfectly fine for you to like a horror movie character that for whatever reason is just an absolute monster for the sake of being one. Rich people being evil just feels worse, and more cruel, and more disturbing.

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    thats right, and stuff like "The Most Dangerous Game" and to some extent, "American Pyscho" do this really well. Just one problem. Skull Merchant only kills mega-billionaries to steal their stuff. The average joe has nothing to fear from her, as opposed to Trickster or Ghost Face who will murder you basically for fun.

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    That theory is pretty cool! The Skull Merchant's story and Mark Twitchell's deeds have a lot in common, so it's totally possible that the writer got some inspo from real-life stuff. True crime often inspires and sneaks into various forms of art and pop culture.

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    The Skull Merchant's commentary on the wealthy is thought-provoking, but to make the character more interesting, the motive could have been linked to a tragic backstory, rather than just pure greed. Alternatively, a wealthy character who was wronged by society and seeks revenge could have been a more compelling take on the theme

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    Its terrible. I'd rather play a game as her, and thats saying something. I don't want to summarize it, because it feels like an unrefined rough draft for a 6th grade assignment. After reading it I feel bad about bashing on the artists lore.

    Thats what I feel about artist now :(