Bloodborne Chapter Idea

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Chapter: Bloodborne/Pseudo-Ascension

Killer: The Host/ Micolash

Power: Ashen Blood: After hitting the survivor, they become poisoned. After the meters fills with poison, the survivor becomes incapacitated. 

- Consuming blood sets survivor to the healthy state

- Each stage is permanent & stacks on top of the last

* Stage 1: 

- After consuming blood 1 time, your breathing grows louder

* Stage 2: 

After consuming blood 2 times, all negative status effects last 30% longer

* Stage 3: 

- After consuming blood 3 times you become addicted (a timer begins which counts down to your death). Consuming blood satiates the addiction momentarily and resets the time.

* Stage 4: 

- If The Timer Runs Out, You Become Feral and Die.

Special Ability: Bloody Health: 

Vials of Musk are located around the map. Survivors can see these with a white aura once poisoned. They go to these camps to heal themselves with the vials provided at them. Healing with these vials puts the Ashen Blood statuses on the survivor. The More The Survivors Drink, The More The Power Meter Fills. 

Special Ability: Battle of Attrition: After The Meter Fills, The Killer Gives Themselves A Vial Of Blood, Empowering Them. Entering This Mode, They Now Have Serration Powers, Getting Hit With This Weapon Leaves The Survivor Exhausted & Hemorrhaged.


Perk 1: The Red Moon: You Start The Trial With No Terror Radius Or Red Stain. This Effect Last For 20/25/30 Seconds. All Undetectable Durations Are Increased By 5 seconds

Perk 2: Hemwick’s Eyes: After Kicking A Generator, Hemwick’s Eyes Activate. The Next Time A Survivor Interacts With That Generator Their Aura Is Revealed for 6/7/8 And Have A 10/15/20% Repair Speed Debuff For 60 Seconds.

Perk 3: Vileblood’s Gift: The Aura of Survivors Trying To Aura Read You Are Revealed For 6/7/8 Seconds. Vileblood’s Gift Grants You Immunity To Survivor’s Aura Reading, Such As Keys.

Survivor: The Hunter

Perk 1: Yharnam’s Savior: After Cleansing A Totem You Gain A Token, Up To A Max of 5. A Token Is Consumed Every Time You Stun The Killer With A Pallet. After The Stun, You Gain The Endurance Status For 3/4/5 Seconds. This Has A Cooldown of 60/40/20 Seconds.

Perk 2: Rally: If You Stun The Killer By Any Means10/12/15 Seconds After Taking Damage, You Get Fully Healed. This Perk Has A Cooldown of 90/80/70 Seconds.

Perk 3: Blood-Starved: After Healing By Any Means, You Break Into A Sprint 150% Of The Normal Running Movement Speed For 4 Seconds. After You Become Exhausted For 60/50/40 Seconds.


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    Micolash would clearly be the survivor due to how much he runs away in his boss fight