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Fanmade Chapter: Evil Strikes Back

Ripjaw777 Member Posts: 5

Here is my first fan made chapter.

Chapter: Evil Strikes back 

Description: Survivors must navigate an abandoned city that has been overrun by a new killer. The new killer was a former victim of a previous killer that was driven insane from their traumatic experience. The new killer took it upon themselves to seek revenge on the survivors for failing to save them from the previous killer. The survivors must find a way to escape the abandoned city or suffer the torment from the new killer: The Mad Man.

New Killer: The Mad Man - Edward Flynn 

Difficulty: Hard

Terror Radius: 32 meters

Height: Tall

Movement speed: 4.6 m/s

His Personal Perks: Ruthless Revenge, Maddening Presence, and Blood Frenzy allows him to gain the upper hand while his enemies are in a disadvantage.

Edward was once a survivor of the trial, survivors attempted to save Edward but were unsuccessful. As a result, he was captured and tormented by a killer to the brink of insanity. As Edward collapsed to the floor the survivors escaped the trial, he took it upon himself to seek revenge on the survivors who left him for dead.

New Map: The City of the Insane- An abandoned urban theme, filled with abandoned cars, broken streetlamps, boarded-up storefronts, multi-story parking garage, a nearby park, abandoned apartment buildings which contains chests. The survivors must navigate through crumbling buildings and avoid the traps set by the Entity. When entering abandoned buildings beware of falling derbies which injures a survivor or stun a killer for 3 seconds. Try not to set off the car alarms that reveal a survivor or killer's aura for 5 seconds if they are too close the abandoned cars. In chase when looping the killer near an abandoned car the survivor would receive the Hindered Status effect for 3 seconds.

Killer’s Power: Maniacal Frenzy 

Press the Power Button to enable the Mad Man to enter in a frenzied state where he gains increase movement speed and attack speed. During Maniacal Frenzy, the killer sees survivor scratch marks more closely for a short duration of time, allowing him to track survivors more easily This power can only be used for a limited amount of time and has a long cooldown. 

Killer Perks:  

Ruthless Revenge- You are driven to a strong desire for revenge against those who have abandoned you in the past. Every time a survivor rescues the hooked survivor, or a survivor successfully heals a teammate, you gain a token up to 3. Each token you gain grants you a Haste Status effect for 2/3/4 percent and decreases your attack recovery by 12/14/16 percent. 

Maddening Presence- Your insanity radiates a palpable wave causing survivors to be more afraid of your presence which causes them to make more mistakes. Survivors within your terror radius suffer from a decrease in repair speed by 10/15/20 percent as well as increasing the difficulty of skill checks to Hard/Hard/Very Hard. 

Blood Frenzy- Fueled by bloodlust and a desire to see your victims suffer. Hitting survivors with your main weapon causes them to bleed out faster by 10/12/14 seconds and reveal the location of any other survivors within your terror radius for 3/4/5 seconds. 

New Survivor: The Escape Artist - Stella Houdini 

Difficultly: Easy

A former magician who specializes in escaping from dangerous situations. Her past has made her more resilient to being caught by her perpetrator, she must hone her skills to help her overcome dangerous situations.

A former magician who specializes in escaping from dangerous situations. Her past has made her more resilient to being caught by her perpetrator, she must hone her skills to help her overcome dangerous situations.

Her Personal Perks: Escapist, Houdini's Secret, and Sleight of Hand allows her to evade the killer more easily using deception on the killers to fool one's perception.

Survivor Perks: 

Escapist- You always know how to avoid deadly situations from the killer’s grasp. When leaving the killer’s line of sight during a chase, press the Active Ability Button to hide your scratch marks for 3/5/7 seconds. Each time you escape from the killer gain 0/25/50 percent of stackable bonus to gain blood points. 

Houdini’s Secret- You can find escape routes more easily, especially when being chased by the killer. When you are being chased for at least 30 seconds, press the Ability Button to craft a smoke bomb out of thin air. The cooldown for the smoke bomb is 100/80/60 seconds after each use. The smoke bomb will disappear when escaping the trial. 

Sleight of Hand- You learned a thing or two from your magic career to aid yourself in the long run. When the killer hits you after you’re rescue from the hook, for 8/6/4 seconds create a decoy and become invisible to not leave pools of blood, scratch marks for 1/1.5/2 seconds, and 75% of grunts of pain. 

Ending: Overall, The Mad Man is a savage killer with a frenzied playstyle based on speed and aggression. The Escape Artist is a new survivor geared towards solo play, with their perks focusing on escaping on their own and evading the killer. An intense and thrilling experience that would keep you on edge.