Chapter Idea: The Stains of Vengeance

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Hey all. New here.

I am a game designer who gets bored (especially when looking for work) and occasionally just designs stuff for fun. I'm big on interesting mechanics and great story ideas so I thought I would take a stab (ha) at working through a DBD Chapter.

So here are a few snippets from Stains of Vengeance.

As vengeance takes hold of the best of people, it can twist them into the nightmares they hunt. Stains of Vengeance introduces The Void, a killer who can steal the senses of survivors to attempt to fill the hole in their darkened soul, and Eunice Callow, a survivor who does her best to help others and can punish the killer for their transgressions.

The Void

Private Detective Addison Malley solved many cases even before he left the force. But when he was hired to solve the brutal murders of a family in the hills of Los Angeles, he never suspected what he was stepping into. The serial killer known as The Green Street Butcher slaughtered several families, taunted the police, and even began taunting Addison when they found out he was on the case. Addison pursued the killer still but it cost him dearly. The Butcher had found out about Addison and began leaving him notes at his home and office, even severed limbs of his victims until one day Addison's own best friend and former colleague Detective Gunther Shaw went missing. They found his body tortured and dismembered tied to a tree outside a park near Addison's apartment. The Private Detective became obsessed with finding the killer and had no plans of bringing him in to face the courts. This path led him to start learning about the Butcher - a man who was part of a family that had died of starvation during the height of the Great Depression a year prior.

Addison scoured everywhere the Butcher might have been and even attacked and began hurting those who knew him to give up clues. By the time he found out that the Butcher was a man named Hadley Zimmerman, he had already killed several former co-workers of Hadley and was already stalking a local soup kitchen worker who had fed the murderer for the last few months. Addison was already cold within and could feel that vengeance was his only purpose now. But the soup kitchen worker had spotted him and called the police - ending in Addison's arrest for several murders.

As Addison sat in his cell, all he could think of was how he would get his revenge on that kitchen worker and then anyone else who stood in his way of justice - as a fog rolled in through the bars and took Addison from his prison and into another.

Eunice Callow

Eunice was just retiring as a school administrator by the time the bank told her that her account had no money in it. The Depression hit her hard and she was forced to move into a shanty town outside of Los Angeles where she helped others by scavenging what she could to cook and provide sustenance. Many died from these harsh times and she could feel their absence more than most. Still, she prevailed through those times, eventually moving back into the city where she took a job as a soup kitchen worker.

She met with many unfortunates who had their lives upended by the strain of the Great Depression and who had suffered losses she couldn't imagine. Everyone was safe under her care, however, as she doled out food for the starving masses. It was after some time she began to notice a man standing in an alleyway across from the kitchen every night. It wasn't uncommon for those to be shy about entering but this felt... different.

Each night she would walk home with a feeling of being watched and each night she would make sure the locks of her small apartment were bolted shut.

When she finally had enough, she called the police before leaving one night and got to see the man with hollow eyes and a deep look of hatred on his face as they pulled him into the back of the police car. She continued walking home that night, not feeling any better than before - the memory of the man's expression burned into her mind. It was the same night a strange fog rolled into the streets and she never made it home.

[As a note, I am not that great with drawing perk pictures but I hope the descriptions are enough to get the ideas across]