Killer idea: The Savage

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A wild animal of a man, surviving alone in a brutal jungle with no room for mercy. By the time he had met other people he was too far gone. A vicious predator in all but body, he knows nothing but the hunt.

Power: Primal Thirst

Instead of building up blood lust when chasing survivors, every 5 seconds in chase you get a 'charge' of primal thirst. You enhance various actions through expending your primal thirst charges. You have a base maximum of 9 charges.

Lunging expends 2 primal thirst charges to apply deep wound to a survivor, Vaulting expends 4 charges to grant you a 10% haste buff for 3 seconds, you expend 3 charges when stunned by a pallet to destroy it, and if you have maximum primal thirst you can press the power button to expend all your charges to 'unleash'.

Unleash: For every charge expended gain 5 seconds where all of your attacks apply deep wounds, vaulting grants you a 15% haste buff for 5 seconds, pallets slammed on you are destroyed without stunning you, and none of these effects cost any primal thirst for the duration.


Pent Up- After being stunned by a pallet this perk activates, the next time you interact with a breakable object while this perk is active you finish the action 20/25/30% faster. After breaking an object you gain a 5% haste bonus for 3 seconds, and this perk goes on cooldown for 30 seconds once the haste effect is lost.

Hunter's Disposition- After vaulting you see the aura of survivors inside your terror radius for 8/9/10 seconds. The aura lasts 3 seconds after the survivor leaves your terror radius.

Hex: Territorial Mark- When standing in front of a dull totem, you can interact with it to create a Territorial Mark totem. You can only have one territorial mark totem active at a time. While this hex is active you see running survivor's auras, and survivors not crouching or crawling leave scratch marks. Survivors within 40 meters of the hex see its aura, and the totem is destroyed after cleansing.