ART THE CLOWN chapter concept

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Killer: Art the clown or The ARTIST

TR: 0

Speed: 4.0m/s

Weapon: Sharp Plate piece

height: average


Power: Artistic Genius

Special Ability: bagged goods

Art starts the trail with his trusty plastic bag full of weapons. He Carrie's this bag around with him until he decides to put it down or get out a weapon. When carrying his bag his movement speed is reduced to 3.8m/s. With the bag you emit a 24 meter TR without it its 0. The bag when placed down continues to emit the TR. Once every 60 seconds Art can call his bag back to him instantly.

Special Ability: grand performance

After placing down the bag of goods art can obtain his trusty tricycle.

The ability is exclusive to the bag of goods and can only be obtained at it. Upon selecting the active display you get on your tricycle and for the next 20 seconds you may use it how you wish. Holding the active ability button will make you start to Pedal forwards in a straight line doing so will increase the speed of the tricycle by 0.2 meters a second, there is no cap to the speed. Turning however will slow the tricycles speed by 0.2 a second and removing the speed buff for traveling forwards. Additionally all vault locations will be blocked to survivors in a 10m radius for the duration of this ability. During this time art can use his recycled weapons from his bag, but the attack range is very short and upon hit or miss art loses that weapon and it cycles to the next one similar to a gun game. Upon losing all his special weapons he is limited to his basic and after grand performance has ended he can't select one of his bagged good weapons for 15 seconds, Art also has the choice to throw one of his special weapons but it removes the increasing speed effect from his tricycle. Grand performance then goes on cooldown for 30 seconds.

Special weapons still apply their separate effects.

Special attack: Sculptor

Upon opening the bag of goods you can select one of four weapons.

  • The saw-Inflicts mangled and haemorrhage
  • The mallet-hit cooldown reduced by 15 percent and inflicts deep wounds.
  • The hammer-destroy breakable and pallets 20 percent quicker
  • The knife-increased lunge 20 percent and inflicts broken which lasts for 20 seconds after being unhooked.
  • Every minute art receives a special weapon called the Cat o' nine tails-Survivors hit enter the dying state, max three charges, lose a charge every swing, pallet stun, blind, breaking a pallet, breaking a wall, breaking a generator and vaulting a window. Lose it completely when you activate Grand Performance.


HEX: playful smile

Whenever a survivor is lost in chase the auras of all survivors are revealed for 2/3/4 seconds.

Clever disguise

While in chase, you gain tokens for however many seconds you spend in a chase. Gain one token for every 10 seconds you spend in a chase with a survivor. Upon ending a chase by any means will transfer all tokens into the active use state and in the next chase the perk clever disguise will activate. Each token grants the following, decrease cooldowns of abilities by 2% per stack, you gain the effects for hitting the survivor you started chase with and a maximum of three times a survivor can reduce your active cooldowns. lose these stats when a chase ends by any means.


Whenever a survivor has stayed in one place for more than 8 seconds they suffer from the deafened status effect. Excluding working on generators, unlocking a chest and cleansing/blessing a totem.