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A urban "rumor" phone number killer

Chuinima1 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

Hi DBD official and other like-minded people, I suddenly came up with a particularly cool idea, a killer who has no entity and will not actively attack, his only way is to wander and observe in the map, but you may ask, can't attack? So how do you perform the sacrificial ritual? My idea is that this killer is an urban legend, an unknown number that will be dialed automatically. In a certain amount of time, 3 of the humans have to complete random things, such as turning over a window, putting down a plank, letting the generator fix or explode once, or moving according to a specific operation, and if the escapees complete the conditions in the specified order, then it will be fine. If a certain step is done wrong, timed out or does not want to do at all, then the killer will possess the escapee for destruction and chasing, if the same escapee is possessed 3 times will be directly killed, for the time being, only think of so much, follow-up proposal if the official wants to continue to understand, you can reply to me, I will contact you if I see it.😁