Killer concept - The Hollow

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The Hollow is a beast like monster, it has long limbs and can walk on 2 legs but run on 4.

The Hollow is a wild beast with the ability to travel through time and reality and it's not able to stop. Needs to be constantly traveling and hunting the guilty of disgusting crimes and horrors. People guilty and hunted by the Hollow have horrible nightmares of their deaths from past lives and realities. The Hollow's hunt is an endless cycle.

Power: The Hollowing (TR - 32m 4.4m/s)

Primary Power: Hold Power button for 2s while reducing his movement speed (3.68m/s), after which you enter in the Hollowing, you at 200% movement speed with a reduced turn rate of 44%, you can attack while in the Hollowing, bumping into objects, releasing the power button or initiating an attack forces you out of the Hollowing. Leaving the Hollowing puts you in a 3s cooldown.

Secondary Power: Hold the secondary Power button to instantly enter the Hollowing for a max of 8s, during this time you will be moving back at 200% movement speed by the path that you have taken. You can attack at any point during this Phase. Leaving the Hollowing puts you in a 3s cooldown. Power recharge time 16s.

While moving in the Hollowing, the Killer looks as a moving picture film, snapshots instead of full animations.

The concept is based on time monsters. So the power is an accelaration and a rewind. The accelaration is similar to oni or billy dash. While the rewind is similar to the prince of persia sands series ability.