Wooden Baseball bat idea (single use)

Pötsi Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1


So this is my idea. Could you add wooden baseball bat as new survivor tool into the game? This baseball bat would be single use only that stuns killer and you wouldn't find this from the chest. So there would be maximum 4 baseball bat stuns in 1 match if every survivor carries one. You would have to been right next to killer to use this and would take like 0,5sec - 1sec activation time. Mostly this would be used to make to rescue another survivor from killers grip, but would also be new cool tool to be used if you are being chased. It would be harder to use in chase, because it would require survivor to dodge killers hit or taking a hit and injuring yourself to be able to execute stun with the bat. This would be easily countered by killers who use perks which lower melee hit cooldowns, melee hit miss cooldowns etc.

Now that survivors healings and flashlights are being nerfed, it would be nice to have some new tool to play with.

This new tool would bring new fun situations into the game