New Killer: The Bounty Hunter

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Height: Average

Movement Speed: 4.4 m/s

Terror Radius: 24 Meters

Weapon: Shortsword

Power: Hunter’s Instinct

Ability: Crossbow

The Bounty hunter comes equipped with a crossbow, modified to further aid in maiming and tracking his prey. Hold the M2 button to aim the crossbow and left click to fire it. The crossbow fires in a straight line. The crossbow can fire 1 shot before it needs to reload, which you stand still while doing. Survivors struck by the crossbow have a bolt stuck in them. While survivors have a bolt stuck in them, they suffer multiple debuffs. They are afflicted with the broken status effect, their blood is brighter and their aura is revealed for a few seconds after performing a rushed action. Survivors can remove a bolt in an action that takes 5 seconds. When a survivor removes a bolt, they are cured of all status effects afflicted by the crossbow, but scream, revealing their location.

Ability: Dark Bounty

The survivor that is the obsession becomes your dark bounty. Whenever you put your Dark Bounty into the dying state you gain a token, up to a maximum of 3. Every token you possess permanently increases your reload speed by 10%.


The Bounty Hunter's unique perks Last Known Location, Scourge Hook: Silence and Keen Senses help The Bounty Hunter track down survivors and remain hidden.

Last Known Location: 

The entity demands the blood of someone specific, and will help you spill it. Once it has been 12/11/10 seconds since your last chase, this perk charges up while not in a chase over the course of 20 seconds. When fully charged the aura of the obsession is revealed to you for 6 seconds. If the obsession is dead when this perk activates, a random survivor becomes the obsession.

Scourge Hook: Silence

You have turned the hooks into a tool to hide your tracks. 

At the start of the trial, 4 random hooks become scourge hooks.

While a survivor is on a Scourge Hook, you gain the undetectable status effect as long as you are at least 32 meters away from the hook. This effect persists for 4/5/6 seconds after the survivor is unhooked.

Keen Senses: 

You have a keen awareness of everything going on around you. The footsteps of survivors are 30%/40%/50% louder.