TLOU Chapter 28 idea

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Survivors: Joel and Ellie

Joel's Perks:

"Sneaky Dad": Joel's experience as a father has taught him how to be stealthy. When crouching, Joel's scratch marks are hidden and his footsteps are nearly silent.

"Resourceful": Joel is able to make use of the environment around him to his advantage. When searching a chest, Joel has a chance to find an additional item or add-on.

"Determined": Joel's determination to protect Ellie gives him an extra boost of adrenaline. When healing another Survivor, Joel's healing speed is increased and he is able to take one hit for the healed Survivor before becoming injured.

Ellie's Perks:

"Listen Mode": Ellie's heightened senses allow her to detect the Killer's presence within a certain radius, revealing their aura for a short duration.

"Shiv Master": Ellie is an expert at making shivs and can quickly create one in a pinch. When she is grabbed by the Killer, she has a chance to break free and stun them with a makeshift shiv.

"Endure and Survive": Ellie has been through tough situations before and can endure more pain than most. When she is injured, her movement speed increases and she can perform actions faster.

Killer: The Infected


"Ravenous": The Infected is always hungry and gains a temporary speed boost when he downs a Survivor, allowing him to quickly move on to his next target.

"Infectious Bite": The Infected's bite can spread the infection to Survivors, causing them to slowly lose health over time. Survivors who are already infected are revealed to The Infected's aura, making them easier to track.

"Rotten Stench": The Infected's decaying flesh emits a strong odor, causing Survivors who are within a certain radius to cough and reveal their location for a short duration.

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