Is there a "why" do the skins exists?

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So, I was reading a few discussions here, and started to link as well these short descriptions the skins have. We know so far they have a lore behind related to certain life episodes of each character.

Now, my question goes beyond that. Is there a reason why skins exist in the entity real as it is?

To put up a theory for example, maybe the entity dragged several versions of oneself to the realm? Like, Meg on her default skin, Meg trying out the dress her mother gave her, and so?

I haven't read the whole lore yet in the game so I'm not sure if it mentions something like that among the tomes.


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    Well, the lore isn’t really that consistent to be honest.

    i think the idea of multiple versions from different dimensions/multiverse style is what they are generally going for. Though for some cosmetics it’s explicitly stated that they were found in the Entity’s realm (eg those Silent Hill bunny costumes for Legion).

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    The best example I can give is from one of Hag's dress cosmetics "Another possible life robbed from her". The cosmetics are either from events in their lives before the fog, found in the fog, or possible lives they'll never have.

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    there are three options

    given by the entity (bloodstained sack, bunny legions)

    taken from memories (trapper got a recolor of the wrestler outfit in a rift, the desc states it comes from a dream he had. along with a many others like the Grim Resoultions collection and basically any time a survivor is wearing something)

    created by the Mad Designer (basically just Alice in Wonderland and Masquerade cosmetics)

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    my theory is that they migrate in the realm, but the mechanics of the game don't let us see that. we only see the survs and the killers in the extreme situations when they do their thing in a certain location they got into. remember how Talbot, the Blight, did his experiments on others (which explains some skins), or how Benedict, the invisible narrator, described he was in the library (what library?), or was heading to McMillan's? I guess they are generally stuck in a "big map" and just try to survive and kill (surprise). so, the different clothing is something they might have found, or maybe the entity changes their looks according to their revealed memories. tldr; you cannot explain the power of the entity rationally.

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    My take is that very few of them are actually canon, i think everyone is just stuck in their defaults all the time and outfits are just for gameplay

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    We know the Entity entices killers whenever possible. There are lots of references to the Entity giving things to killers as rewards, etc. The entity also needs survivors to not feel hopeless, once they give up She can no longer be fed by their emotions and casts them into the void.

    If the survivors have physical needs, The Entity has to be providing them. Even if they don't, I think they would need some downtime, even if they forget each trial. People break real quick when they don't have the little things. Emotionally, the survivors and killers have to have some of the things we consider normal when not in trial.

    So what I'm saying is, even if the Entity could make them not physically need things, it would be better to let them feel hunger and eat than to remove the need to eat. If you're taken into a different reality, anything that makes you feel normalcy would be a huge comfort.

    Just like most people enjoy eating, we like changing into clean clothes.

    Imagine you're a survivor making it back to that campfire after a trial. There would be lots of emotions, but you'd probably look forward to washing up and changing into something clean.

    So I think the Entity provides all these things. Silly outfits/new clothes raise people's spirits. It's a morale booster to keep everyone going as long as possible. Many cosmetics are given specifically for doing what the entity challenges.

    I used to not care about the lore and just play trials, but it's actually pulling me in some.