Charms from past rifts STORE or just Charms store

Pop222corn Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

As a player who started to play 8 months ago I notice that there's a lot of charms from past rifts I missed and that is kinda sad. But I was thinking, usually Past Rifts cosmetics are published by the name of (From the archives).

and we can buy with cells or shards so there's no any exclusivity so this would not affect the possibility of bringing back charms too, and I was wondering, why not open a Charm Store? A lot of people would buy and would be more fun to play, gain and spend shards in really cool charms from past rifts that I had seen in YouTube videos showcases and Damn all the charms from Tome 10 are really nice and it really breaks my heart that I missed it. I just think it would be a fun idea.

We already can buy perks, we can buy past rift cosmetics. Why not charms?