Jykez Forrest tome: Dawn of the Wayfarer

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If you dont know who Jykez Forrest is, he is a concept i created about a year ago. You can find his original lore, perks, and appearance here.

Now let's get started with the lore. The narrator is the normal Observer, and may also be described from the view of the observer.

Dawn of the Wayfarer

Memories: Jykez Forrest

Entry #1

Jykez had a lot on his mind. Despite being in the realms for some time now, he still felt like he didn't truly understand everything that was going on. He had been relying on the knowledge that Vigo and I had shared with him, but he couldn't help but wonder how they confirmed their beliefs. Was there any way to find proof of what they knew to be true?

As he pondered this, Jykez also considered his own abilities within the realms. If the entity truly had near complete control over everything, then how had he been able to come so far? Could it be that he had found shelter in a few realms that the entity had no grasp of? Or perhaps his understanding of the fog was what was giving him an edge against the entity's control? Jykez couldn't help but wonder if he could be the key to freeing everyone.

But then again, he couldn't ignore the possibility that the entity was manipulating him. What if the light that influenced his actions was actually controlled by the entity? Jykez knew he couldn't risk it, but he couldn't ignore the light either. He needed to find a way to protect himself from it.

Using the auris fragment, Jykez drew upon memories of himself and his peers to create a new identity for himself. He created a parka that would offer him further protection from the entity, as well as make him stand out as more than just a survivor. He also created a visor that would protect him from the entity's light, and a scarf to symbolize his independence from the entity's control.

Jykez knew that he had to dig deeper than what the entity wanted him to in order to find the answers he was seeking. He was determined to uncover the truth about the realms and the entity's control over them. With his new identity and newfound determination, Jykez set out to explore the realms with a renewed sense of purpose. He was ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead in his quest for answers.

Entry #2

Jykez's curiosity about the entity and its hold on the realms led him to an uncharted area that he had never seen before. This new place, which he called the "Black Forest," was completely dead. The trees had no leaves, and the grass turned to ash as he walked on it. With each step, Jykez felt his sanity slowly crumbling as the realm's former life seemed to cry out in pain.

Despite being out of the entity's reach, Jykez discovered that there was an aura within the core of the Black Forest. This led him to wonder if this realm worked more like a planet than an island, and if its core could be the key to leaving the realms altogether.

However, Jykez also considered his previous experiences and how seeking answers to immediate questions often yielded more consequences than actions. Perhaps there was another way out, one that wasn't as risky or dangerous.

Jykez's discovery of the Black Forest showed him that there were still mysteries about the realms that he had yet to uncover. It also reminded him that sometimes, it was better to take a step back and consider all the options before taking action. He realized that sometimes, the answers to his questions may not come immediately, and that he needed to be patient and keep exploring in order to find them.

With a change in mindset, Jykez continued his journey through the realms, ready to uncover more secrets and unravel the entity's hold on these mysterious worlds.

Entry #3

Jykez trudged through the black forest, his mind slipping into a state of euphoria despite the sense of danger that held up in his mind. He couldn't help but feel that this place held some sort of purpose, some dark intention that he couldn't quite grasp. His first theory was that it was an extension of the void, a place for the entity to drain hope from those it deemed unworthy or those who dared to defy it. Perhaps this is how the monsters of the trials were twisted, he thought.

Despite the insanity that seemed to consume all who ventured into this realm, Jykez remained determined to uncover its secrets. He couldn't shake the feeling that there was something important here, something that could provide answers to the questions that had plagued him for so long. It was unlikely, but still possible. And so, he pressed on, his mind focused on the task at hand.

But then, a sudden realization hit him like a bolt of lightning. "WAIT!" he exclaimed, his heart racing. "This could be the entity's deception taking hold of me again." He knew all too well how easy it was to be deceived in this place, how the uncertainty and madness could cloud even the most rational mind. He had been too quick to jump to conclusions, too eager to uncover the truth without considering the risks.

As he struggled to regain his composure, Jykez realized that he needed to take a step back and reevaluate his approach. He had been so focused on the little details that he had lost sight of the bigger picture. He needed to think carefully about his next move, to weigh the risks and rewards before taking any action.

But his mind was shattered, his thoughts jumbled and confused. He couldn't seem to grasp the complexities of the situation, couldn't make sense of the chaos that surrounded him. And so he stood there, alone in the darkness, trying to piece together a plan that might just save his life. And yet, he couldn't. There were so many variables to consider, yet so little room to think as the silhouette-like world around him continued chipping away at his sanity.

Entry #4

Jykez was so consumed by his desire to uncover the secrets of the realm that he didn't stop to consider the possibility that it was all a trap, that he was playing right into the entity's hands, for he had no room in what remained of his sanity to consider. With his bare hands, he dug through the dirt, which felt more like ash than anything else. It crumbled easily beneath his fingers, leading him closer and closer to the core of the realm.

As he approached the glowing orange light, a sense of euphoria washed over him, a feeling of hope that he had not experienced since entering this dark and twisted place. The ash fell around him, attempting to rebuild itself and bury him, but he paid it no mind.

In that moment, Jykez's mind was filled with questions and wonder, but he didn't care about finding the answers. He was driven by something deeper, something that he couldn't quite put into words. And so he stood there, basking in the light of the core, until tragedy struck.

As soon as his bare skin came into contact with the core, Jykez was ripped from the realm and thrown back into the campfire. But something was different. He couldn't remember anything about his travels outside the trials, as if the memories had been ripped from his mind. His understanding of the connection between his thoughts and his surroundings remained intact, but it was repressed, locked away by the entity.

Jykez realized that he had been reset, that the entity had trapped him in the trials once again. And as he looked around at his surroundings, he knew that he was doomed to spend eternity in this twisted and dark place, his mind shattered and his hopes crushed. Or atleast, that's what the entity wanted him to think.

Entry #5

As Jykez entered a trial in the forsaken boneyard, the questions beckoned him once again. "What's over the wall?" "What's beyond these grounds?" And yet, Jykez did not feel a need to answer these questions. Although he had forgotten about the black forest, the change it made to his way of thinking was still very present. All he could think about was the need to power the exit gates, and escaping.

The scene was gruesome as the insane doctor continued his twisted "therapy" on his peers. One by one, they were sacrificed, their screams echoing through the boneyard. Jykez could feel his own sanity slipping away as he watched, but his mind remained perfectly still, anchored by memories of the black forest.

The euphoria he had felt in the forest, the sense of wonder and discovery, had opened a path of defiance for him. Where the Doctor's twisted illusions would be of insanity to others, to Jykez, it was of his life. While others may have seen a twisted figure of insanity, Jykez saw another chance, in the form of a single freshly waxed closet, and while others may have seen an illusionary hope, the hope that Jykez saw was all too real. Memories of defiance and discovery started flowing through like a shattered dam. He remembered how it all started - with the wall.

He immediately rushed over to the trial grounds' wall, and started climbing.

As he climbed the trial grounds' wall, Jykez's experiences in the realms flashed before his eyes. He had become a symbol of defiance, and his determination resurfaced as he reached the sky, the limit of the entity's reach. He took a leap of faith, the last of his memories returning to him, in a rush of emotions, and the light returning to him.

He suddenly woke up on the ground, as if his previous experience was a dream.

Jykez's journey had been full of uncertainty, but he had learned to accept it. His experiences had taught him that uncertainty was a part of the world, and that our thoughts could help to mend that uncertainty. Even I had been uncertain about giving Jykez an auris fragment, but he had reminded me of the very knowledge that had let me bend this realm to my will, and what had brought me this far.

To Jykez, if he ever comes across this memory, I want him to know that he has taught me so much about uncertainty and the importance of accepting it. He helped me see the world, and every other world, for what it truly is- uncertainty. And for that, I am grateful.