The Most Honest Nerf Thread

BHVR, I need to discuss what happened. I was playing a match and I lost. This is completely unacceptable. This is why your game is dying and has been on the verge of death every day since June 14, 2016!

It's obvious from my loss that (insert Killer/Survivor/Perk/Add-on) is completely OP and there are no counter strategies. The only reason why people say there are counter-strategies is because they are a (insert either Killer main or Survivor main) and they just want to keep their overpowered crutch. That's why I always win as (Killer/Survivor) while (Survivor/Killer) is so hard on the other side!

I know because I'm high MMR! No, I won't provide any footage of my matches because (my computer won't handle it/I don't want to download a program for it/I don't need to show anything). I lost! That is proof positive of terrible balancing!

Stop favoring (insert either Killer or Survivor)! Everyone knows you're (Killer sided/Survivor sided)! If you really want to please me, which you should because it's all about me fam, please make it so only positive effects from patches affect me and only negative effects affect my opponents.


A completely impartial DbD player who plays both sides for certain.