Fanmade Chapter: A Silent Shriek (Bat Killer)

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No addons this time, not yet anyway, I probably did too much research for the last fanmade chapter anyway. Enjoy the B.A.B. killer!

Killer: The Banshee

Killer Ability: Blind World

Killer Perks: Hyperacusis, Kopophobia, Paranoia

Survivor: Catalena Marinescu

Survivor Perks: Softstep, Take A Dive, What Have We Here

Killer: The strigoi is a blind hunter, able to wear down and stalk its prey under the veil of night. Its personal perks Hyperacusis, Kopophobia, and Paranoia allow it to track down the weary and torment the lonely.

Ability: Blind World

For you, the world is shrouded in darkness, but The Entity has heightened your abilities to pick up even the faintest sounds.

Special Ability: World of Darkness

Every 60 seconds, the realm is shrouded in a silent darkness for 30 seconds, reducing visibility to 32 meters, and granting you Undetectable.

Special Ability: Echolocation

Press and hold the Power Button to charge up Echolocation, creating a large lullaby around you to sense your prey for 12 seconds. While charging Echolocation, your movement speed is slowed. Anything creating Sound within this radius will have its aura revealed to you that lingers for 2 seconds and grants you the Haste status effect for 8 seconds.

Special Effect: Sound Meter

Survivors have a visual representation of the sound they create indicated around their portrait. Quiet Sounds are created by Walking, Exhausted breathing, Cleansing and Blessing totems, and Lockers, and audible within 16 meters. Sounds are created by Healing, Unlocking chests, and Crouched Grunts of Pain, and audible within 24 meters. Loud Sounds are created by Running, Injured breathing, Repairing, Opening Exit Gates, and Rushed actions, and audible within 32 meters.

Special Interaction: Deafening Screech

After being Stunned or Blinded by Survivors, you emit a Deafening Screech that applies the Deafened status effect to all Survivors within 16 meters for 30 seconds. Deafened Survivors are oblivious to the Sound they create.

Hyperacusis: Increases the volume of Environmental Sounds created by Survivors by 50/75/100%. Increases the range at which these sounds are audible by 50/75/100%.

Kopophobia: When Survivors become Exhausted by any means, they will scream and reveal their Aura for 2/3/4 seconds.

Paranoia: Survivors that are further than 48/36/24 meters from another Survivor will occasionally hear footsteps and breathing from both the Killer and other Survivors.

Height: Average

Speed: 110%

Terror Radius: 16 meters

Lullaby Radius: 32 meters

Survivor: Catalena Marinescu is a daring caver and explorer, fascinated by the unknown, she has been searching through ruins and caves ever since she was a little girl. Her personal perks Softstep, Take A Dive, and What Have We Here allow her to subtly move around the trial, deceive the Killer, and utilize broken Pallets.

Softstep: Your footsteps while walking are 25/50/75% quieter. Softstep extends its effects to all other Survivors within 8 meters of your location and lingers for 8 seconds.

Take A Dive: While Injured, press the Active Ability button to feign an attack and lay prone, appearing to be in the Dying state to everyone else. Your speed while crawling is increased by 25%. Additionally, you overcome the urge to scream while falling. Take A Dive causes the Exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Take A Dive grants you no benefit while Exhausted and can be cancelled by running.

What Have We Here: The Auras of broken pallets are revealed to you at all times. Press and Hold the Active Ability button near a broken Pallet to pick up the shards and attach them to the surrounding area. Survivors can freely move through these locations, but Killers will have their movement hindered by 30% while moving through the area. What Have We Here will reveal the auras of these locations to other Survivors within 16/24/32 meters. What Have We Here has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

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