Concept for TWD Negan chapter

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Power: Discipline

All survivors have a discipline meter that weakens their strength the more they bare your presence. Discipline has 3 tiers, it passively gets filled slightly with your terror radius, moderately with getting hit and significantly after being downed.

Discipline1: Survivor receives blindness and oblivious status effect.

Discipline2: Survivor receives mangled and exposed status effect.

Discipline3: Survivor receives exhausted and broken status effect.

MiniGame: Lucilles Judgment

Once survivors have reached discipline 3 they can all be slugged. This will cause a cutscene where they are lined up on their knees and you play eenie, meanie, minie, moe and who ever the game ends on gets killed. Meanwhile survivors are constantly doing skillchecks to lessen their chances of being chosen, they all have a meter that fills up little by little for every skillcheck, whoever fills the meter last is killed via a couple baseball bat bashes to the skull.

Special Attack: Thirsty Girl

Hold down the m1 button, causing a brief speed debuff and then release to do an over head swing that stuns any survivor that gets hit.

Survivor: Rick Grimes



Even when you are lost you don’t give up on hope. After completing a generator you gain 1 token to mend yourself while downed, you recover 10% faster and don’t require assistance from other survivors to get up.

“There are no rules man where lost” -Rick Grimes

Boon: Dead Man Walking

Even in the deadliest of times you always come out alive. While 10 meters or closer to an active boon totem you gain a difficult skillcheck right before you are about to be mori’d or sacrificed, if you succeed with this you escape alive, exiting the mori and slipping off the hook.

”They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out” -Rick Grimes

Changed Man

You were not always the savage that you are today but things changed, some things changed you especially. After being hit by a killer 4 times you can craft a revolver with one shot, the killers aura is revealed and their senses are briefly obscured with slightly blurred vision and muffled hearing. Your aura is revealed to the killer for 5 seconds after being shot, your speed is decreased by 10% while aiming.

“There’s a compound bow and a machete with a red handle, that’s what I’m gonna use to kill you” -Rick Grimes

Note: The gun does not stun the killer, it’s just a gimmicky perk!

Legendary skins

Daryl Dixon: Rick Grimes

Glenn: Rick Grimes