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Death On Two Fronts FANMADE Chapter (Yeti/Wendigo Killer)

YukonBlue Member Posts: 24

Killer: The Rot, The Wendigo

Killer Ability: Withering Touch

Killer Perks: Rotten Blood, Arrogance, Hex: Cannibalize

Killer: The Avalanche, Usukin

Killer Ability: Frostbite

Killer Perks: Snowblind, Thaw, Hex: Harsh Winter

Survivor: Kody Marsh/Duskpaw

Survivor Perks: Teamwork: Unified Mind, Divisive, Split/Decision, Pursued, Conditioned

Killer: A dark spirit given flesh by the Entity, the Wendigo brings its ravenous hunger to the Fog. Its personal perks Rotten Blood, Arrogance, and Hex: Cannibalize inflictes detrimental effects to the altruistic, exposes the curious, and recycles the bones that form the totems surrounding the trial.

Power: Withering Touch

Your foul nature festers within those that fall victim to your influence. Hitting survivors with a Basic Attack inflicts them with Wither, causing their Frailty meters to slowly build up. When the Frailty meter is full, that Survivor can be Possessed.

Special Ability: Fester

Press and Hold the Power button to cause withering Survivors to flare up with rot within your Terror Radius, greatly increasing the Frailty meter.

Special Ability: Corrupt Influence

When a Survivor's Frailty meter is fully charged up, press the Special Action button to transfer your influence to them, temporarily turning them into a Thrall under your control. Survivors within 12 meters activate Killer Instinct for 3 seconds when possessing a Survivor. Stunning a Thrall will remove Wither from the Survivor and return you to your body. The Possessed Survivor will be faced with wiggle skill checks to fight for control and break free of your influence.

Special Attack: Thrall Frenzy

Pressing the Attack button while possessing a Thrall will cause them to sprint and furiously swing, injuring any Survivors within 4 meters of them for 4 seconds.

Special Interaction: Campfires

Survivors inflicted with Wither can huddle near Campfires to lower their Frailty meters. The Rot can snuff out Campfires temporarily before they reignite after 30 seconds.

Rotten Blood: Whenever a Survivor completes a healing action on another, that Survivor is afflicted with either the Hindered, Obliviousness, and Blindness status effects for 30/45/60 seconds or the Exposed status effect for 10/15/20 seconds and their aura is revealed to you for 5 seconds.

Arrogance: Whenever a Survivor begins cleansing or blessing a totem, they are inflicted with the exposed status effect for 40/50/60 seconds but the related perk is revealed to them as a debuff that applies a 5% action speed penalty.

Hex: Cannibalize: Whenever a hex totem is cleansed and its associated perk is deactivated, Hex: Cannibalize activates. While active, Hex: Cannibalize will rekindle the totem and apply a 10/15/20% action speed penalty to all Survivors within 24 meters of the totem. Cleansing or blessing Hex: Cannibalize will deactivate the perk until another hex totem is cleansed or blessed.

Killer: Usukin is the locally known name for the beast that haunts the snowy peaks. His personal perks Snowblind, Thaw, and Hex: Harsh Winter punish the brace, delay the efforts of interlopers, and exacerbate the dangers as the trial progresses.

Power: Frostbite

The air around you is cold enough to chill the dead that lay just beneath the Fog.

Special Ability: Permafrost

Press and Hold the Power button to dig your claws into the ground, leaving behind a patch of ice as you walk. Survivors that step into your Permafrost build up Chill.

Special Effect: Frozen Fur

Whenever you are stunned by a Survivor, that Survivor builds up Chill.

Special Effect: Chill

As Survivors linger near you and your frost, they slowly build up Chill. When a Survivor's Chill is above 50%, they are inflicted with the Hindered status effect.

Special Effect: Hypothermic

When a Survivor's Chill reaches full, they are immobilized as they lay on the ground, huddling for warmth. Hypothermic Survivors can immediately be picked up and carried by the Avalanche.

Special Interaction: Warm Wrap

Survivors can scavenge the bodies of dead mountaineers for Warm Wraps, which can be applied to Hypothermic Survivors to bring them back to their feet after 6 seconds.

Snowblind: Hitting a Survivor that attempts to stun or blind you will grant you immunity to stuns and blinds for 20/25/30 seconds.

Thaw: The Entity blocks all totems at the beginning of the match for 120/150/180 seconds, preventing Survivors from cleansing or blessing them.

Hex: Harsh Winter: As the trial progresses, the chill creeps in. Whenever a Generator is completed, a dull totem is lit up to 3/4/5 totems, granting increasing effects the more totems are lit. Once the 5th totem is lit by Hex: Harsh Winter, the effect is still applied even after the associated totems are cleansed or blessed.

 - 1 Totem: Generators not being repaired regress at 25% the speed of normal regression.

 - 2 Totems: Injured Survivors lose healing progression at a rate of -2% per second.

 - 3 Totems: Accelerates the Sacrifice Process by 5% and increases the Self-Unhook penalty by 5%.

 - 4 Totems: A dropped pallet is broken by the Entity every 15 seconds.

 - 5 Totems: The Exit Gates are blocked by the Entity for 45 seconds once opened.

Survivor: Kody Marsh is the adventurous mountaineer personality, exploring the dangrous cliffs and peaks of the Himalayas. Duskpaw is the self-run business owner personality, enjoying his hobbies and expressing himself. His personal perks Teamwork: Unified Mind, Divisive, Split Decision, Pursued, and Conditioned allow him to work better as one, weigh his choices in a panic, and ward off danger as long as possible.

Teamwork: Unified Mind: While all other Survivors are healthy, you gain the following benefits:

 - 50% reduced chance to trigger skill checks

 - Skill check success zones are increased by 15/20/25%

 - Successful skill checks grant 50% more progression towards healing and repairing

While any other Survivor is injured, dying, or hooked, you gain the following deficits: 

 - 50% increased chance to trigger skill checks

 - Skill check success zones are decreased by 25/20/15%

 - Successful skill checks grant 0% additional progression.

Divisive: You gain a 10% increased healing and repairing action speed while no other Survivors are within 24/16/8 meters. Conversely, while cooperating with other Survivors, their auras are revealed to the Killer beyond 20/30/40 meters.

Split/Decision: Whenever a Survivor is hooked, you gain 5/6/7% Haste and 25/30/35% increased Unhooking speed. Repairing a Generator will remove both bonuses to increase your repair speed by 15% for 45 seconds.

Pursued: While being chased by the Killer, Pursued activates. Being chased by the Killer for 15 seconds grants you 2% Haste, stacking up to 3 times. Pursued deactivates when you escape a chase or lose a health state.

Conditioned: Years of late-night con-going has conditioned you to shrug off detrimental effects. You recover from all negative status effects 15% faster. This speed is increased by 5% for each Survivor within 8/12/16 meters of you.

Cosmetics: Kody Marsh Outfit, Duskpaw Partial Outfit, Mr. Marsh Outfit

(The Survivor is a 2-in-1 due to his multiple personalities, but each personality is pursued by a different nightmare.)