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Half-Chapter Silent Hill /3rd Resident Evil Chapter

TheReaperKiller4552 Member Posts: 3
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New Survivor: Harry Mason

Legendary Skins,

  1. Henry Townshend

New Killer: Jack Baker

New Survivor: Ethan Winters

Legendary Skins,

  1. Alcina Dimitrescu And Mother Miranda (The Artist)
  2. Karl Heisenberg (The Hillbilly)
  3. Executioner Majini (The Executioner)
  4. Jack Krauser (The Legion)
  5. The Mastermind (Osmund Saddler)
  6. The Nemesis (Bitores Mendez And Mr.X)

That's probably it.... basically it would totally be amazing this stuff would in this list was in dead by daylight.


  • Ariel_Starshine
    Ariel_Starshine Member Posts: 937

    Can we have Rose too please as a legendary or survivor? She's pretty neat :) I like your idea! Lady Dimitrescu would probably be one of the most popular killers haha.