Killer concept of a 2in1 killer with 2 names as one

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Killer Name: The Mistress and The Maid

The Maids Stats:

Speed-4.4m/s (While in chase increases to 4.8m/s)



Weapon: Weaponised Hand

The Maids right hand morphs into a silver Claw when attacking.

The Mistress' Stats:


TR-Map Wide

Height- Short

Weapon: Blood Thorns

A cut opens in The Mistress' hand revealing her terrifying manipulation over blood.

Difficulty: Hard

Gameplay: You primarily control The Maid and switch to The Mistress under certain circumstances.

Power: Weaponised Body

Pressing the secondary power button The Maid will change what Weapon is used as her left arm, letting it morph into different weapons for varying situations

Wrecking Ball: The default Left Weapon, press and hold the power button to hold up the Wrecking Ball

While holding the Wrecking Ball using the primary attack button will Hurl the Wrecking Ball, using this on a dropped pallet will destroy the pallet, once and landed pressing the power button again causing The Maid to travel down the chain to where the Wrecking Ball landed, The Maid can attack right after the animation finishes, not pressing any button will have the Wrecking Ball return to The Maid,

If a survivor comes into contact with the chain of the Wrecking Ball it will snap denying The Maid the teleport,

This ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

When in this mode damaging generators or destroying pallets and walls is 30% faster.

Sword: Holding the power button will make The Maid hold up this weapon,

Once the Sword is fully charged The Maid will go into a Sword Sprint traveling at 5.0m/s also lowering her turn speed drastically,

While sprinting a gauge will be depleted, if depleted The Maid stops and is Hindered for 2 seconds. While in Sword Sprint pressing the basic attack button starts a lunge and if a survivor is hit they become Injured and Mangled, The Maid will recover faster than a normal basic attack hit.

The Sword will go into a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Claw/Reliable Family:

Entering Claw mode will alter the properties of The Maids primary attack causing a double hit putting the survivor in the deep wound if the second attack hits,

After injuring a survivor with Claw Mode, The Maid recovers 50% longer than normal and the lunge range is reduced.

Reliable Family is activated by pressing the power button in Claw mode, call upon The Mistress to help find your prey,

Healthy survivors will have Killer Instinct reveal their location for 3 seconds and injured survivors will have their aura shown for 2 seconds,

This ability has a cooldown of 90 seconds, the cooldown increases by ten seconds after every other use.

The Mistress:

Near each generator a Chair will spawn and The Mistress will be on one of them, if a generator is being repaired next to the Chair The Mistress is on, their aura will be shown for 5 seconds every 10 seconds until they stop or The Mistress is Revealed.

Reveal is an interaction that must be performed to deactivate The Maid and stop The Mistress from showing survivor's auras. When a survivor is revealing The Mistress The Maid can see their aura, once revealed control is taken to The Mistress and The Maid will be deactivated. Control over The Mistress lasts until a survivor is put into the dying state. Once Revealed the survivor will be Hindered for 0.3 seconds.

Once control goes back to The Maid she will be Hindered for 0.5 second. It takes 60 seconds for The Mistress to respawn on a new Chair.

Blood Thorns:

The Mistress has a special basic attack that hits everything in front of her for a 6 meter radius and this attack can go through walls.


Scourge Hook: Taste Of Blood

Your need for blood must be met and your servants are the ones who make sure it is.

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks. You see their aura in white.

When a survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook all injured survivors will have their blood highlighted and their grunts of pain will have increased noise by 40/50/60% until the hooked survivor is unhooked.

Scourge Hook: Love Of Struggle

Your master demands blood but that can wait, the chase is on.

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks. You see their aura in white.

When a survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook the survivor closest to you that is in your terror radius has their aura shown whenever they are in your terror radius until the hooked survivor is unhooked.

The survivor that has been afflicted by Love Of Struggle gets Blindness whenever they are in your terror radius, the Blindness persists for 8/10/12 seconds after they leave your terror radius.

Tag Team:

When the obsession unhooks a survivor who is not the obsession, the unkooked survivor becomes the obsession and Tag Team activates.

While Tag Team is activated, if the new obsession leaves a 16m range of the prior one they become Oblivious for 10/20/30 seconds and the prior obsession becomes Exposed for 10/20/30 seconds. If the 2 survivors begin a cooperative action together while Tag Team is active, the effects will disappear and Tag Team deactivates.

Tag Team has a cooldown of 100 seconds.


Brown Add-ons

Nail Clipper:

Increases speed of the Wrecking Balls teleport by 5%

Used Whetstone:

Increases duration of Sword Sprint by 3 seconds.

Expensive Soap Bar:

Increases time to mend from Claw mode deep wound by 1.5 seconds.

New Cell Phone:

Decreases each additional cooldown timer for Reliable Family by 3 seconds.

Yellow Add-ons

Container of Tears:

Decreases time it takes for the Wrecking Ball to reach its destination by 0.3 seconds.


Removes the Hindered effect of when The Maid wakes up.

Vial of Animal Blood:

Once the Wrecking Ball lands all survivors in a 8 meter radius of it will scream.

Vial of Human Blood:

Allows The Maid to run backwards while in a Sword Sprint.

Reduces the speed of Sword Sprint by 0.4m/s.

Increases Weaponised Body related bloodpoints by 100%

Vial of Vampire Blood:

Increases the lunge range of Claw Modes basic attack by 0.5 seconds

Green Add-ons

Judges Gavel:

Once the Wrecking Ball lands all survivors in a 8 meter radius will have Blindness and Oblivious for 10 seconds.

Reporters Microphone:

Decreases each additional cooldown timer for Reliable Family by 5 seconds.

Decreases the cooldown of the first use of Reliable Family by 10 seconds.

Store Clerks ID:

Survivors hit by Sword Sprint will be Broken for 60 seconds

Batsmans Wicket:

When a survivor interacts with any Chair their aura will be shown for 9 seconds.

Teachers Chalk:

Reduces all Left Weapon cooldowns by 4 seconds.

Purple Add-ons

Mothers Eyes:

Increase the duration of the Hindered effect after revealing The Mistress by 0.3 seconds

Fathers Eyes:

Increases the duration of Reliable Family Killer Instinct by 3 seconds and the Aura reading by 1.5 seconds.

Spare Combat Uniform:

Increases the speed of the Wrecking Balls teleport by 30%

Increases the duration of Sword Sprint by 10 seconds.

Gives Claw Modes basic attack a normal lunge.

Spare Dress:

Increase the range of Blood Thorns by 2 meters.

Red Add-ons

Iridescent Teddy:

A taunt to The Mistress reminding her of her accursed eternal youth.

Interacting with The Mistress' Table will immediately injure the survivor who Revealed her.

Reduces the range of Blood Thorns by 4 meters.

Blood Red Butterfly:

A strange reminder to the first weapon The Maid used to take a life.

Reduces all Left Weapon cooldowns by 10 seconds.

If a survivor attempts to snap the chain of the Wrecking Ball they will become Exposed for 15 seconds.

Survivors injured by Sword Sprint become Exhausted for 10 seconds.

Survivors injured by Claw Modes basic attack become afflicted with Mangled.


Violet Bloodstalker is the older half sister of Sycillia Bloodstalker and are both children of parents who had high places in vampire society perhaps even being at the top one might say.

Sycillia displayed great skills at planning and had blood manipulation better than any other vampire in the vampire realm, while Violet was quickly taken away to become an assassin for a strange group so despite being inseparable during Sycillia's youngest years she grew up in a house where love was scarce, especially without her older sister.

Meanwhile Violet was secretly experimented on during her training in an attempt to abuse her powers over space and time which became weaker as experiments continued so the project was halted leaving Violets powers more than halfed, but she had learned how to turn her body into weapons and even have complete control over every last bit of her, letting her become gelatinous for example, she was growing in power at an alarming rate.

Multiple centuries passed and the family was no longer able to continue, as an unfortunate trait on Sycillia's end had stunted her growth for many years leaving still physically to young to continue the family and Violet's taste in partners was frustrating towards the parents. After a while of nothing changing and multiple failed attempts at a new offspring the parents souls had been shattered leaving only cold, dead husks behind.

Violet returned to Sycillia who was now technically the head of the family, with her first decision for the two they left the vampire realm and moved to the human realm, but Violet didn't want to be her personal guard or assassin, fancying up a maid dress and hiding her old self. After finding residence at a refurbished mansion the second decision was made, they were to eliminate every human in the country and make it into a vampire country for run away vampires, but this process would be slow, not only due to the large quantity of humans but only Violet would be doing the killing which is a problem due her tendency to enjoy the chase as much as possible, wanting her prey to struggle, wanting herself to struggle to catch up to them, this would require planning.

They decided to get rid people with certain skills first, politicians, executives and the like, then people whom ordinary folk could not survive without builders that made homes so people without homes would stay without, stores gave food and drinks so burning them down was key, the plan had contingencies outside of their hands but that was fine, but something started to stir in Sycillia, she doubt the plan but she wanted involvement, not only that she wanted entertainment, the cellar below the mansion was used to drain victims of their blood but from that day on it had two purposes, whenever she heard the screams of the alive human 'doners' she had a boiling sense of pleasure, she started having Violet record their screams with a mobile phone, then she would listen while drinking that same humans blood making it taste ever so sweeter, Violet did not go against her as she did not care so long as she was allowed to hunt them still, all Violet thought about was how funny it was to her that a girl that looked like a five year old could be into such a thing, it was amusing to her.

There was a day that all these disappearances stopped though, Violet was taking an unusually long time this time, what could be keeping her? Sycillia had sent her to kill the countries star athletes that day, she knew what the answer was but went to check on her anyway but an ominous power followed her, she could not describe it, when she arrived they were Violet was still chasing the star runner of the country, Sycillia bound the runner in bloody vines denying her sister wish, the two bickered for a bit but as usual it never lasted long, phone I hand Sycillia wanted to recored the runners screams as she did everyone else, but they were gone, she never loosened her grip so where could they have gone, Violet tried to go find them but was stopped by something, Sycillia knew what it was, it was that ominous power that followed her when she left the house, it could not get them both together due to Violets powers blocking entry to the house but finally the two were together.

The dust settled and the fog rolled in, new prey, new screams, new objective. Blindly kill and hope that they could return, Violet stepped forward while Sycillia stayed back. The hunt was on.

Design: (I can't draw for the life of me so I will describe their animations and appearances)

The Maid- Appears to be physically in her young adult age. Wears a typical maid outfit as a black dress and white apron, has purple hair tied into a ponytail going down to her waist her skin is fair and her right eye is a deep blue while her left eye is a generic vampire eye, the walking animation has her walk with a straight back with her hands held together at her front this changes in chase where she'll arch her back and move her arms as if in a sprint (Similar to Weskers) when damaging generators or breaking walls The Maid will use her right hand claw but when destroying pallets she will use the normal kick animation, if in Wrecking Ball mode she will instead use that to destroy generators, pallets and walls

The Mistress- Appears to be physically child like around 6-7 (i'm not good with ages). Wears a red dress that has wavy frills at the ends has white hair that goes down to the middle of her back and has pale skin, the walking animation has her walk fairly normally, their are no other animations as The Mistress cannot break pallets or walls.

I'm damn proud of this concept. (maybe not the backstory part i am pretty bad at expanding on those)

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