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Killer Concept: The Architect

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A few months ago, I had an idea for a killer that could basically change the way that the map worked. Originally, it was going to be “wall-man,” who could create a wall like Mei’s ice wall from Overwatch, but some friends pointed out that it had so many problems, I had to start again. Eventually, I came to this idea. His power is pretty much fleshed out, as well as his perks (loosely based on a general story/personality for him) but his addons are still not entirely there. Any comments/critics on this guy, or any addon ideas are welcome!

p.s. his name is micheal greenwood


The Architect

Movement Speed: 4.6 m/s

Terror Radius: 32 meters

Height: Average

Power: Redesign

The Architect can block windows and doorways, as well as create trap pallets using the power of Redesign. 

The Architect starts the trial with 12 tokens.


While in front of a doorway or window, press the Power button to set up a Blockage. Each blockage takes 1 second to set, and lasts for the rest of the trial until The Architect or a Survivor removes it. While a window or doorway is blocked, Survivors and the Architect cannot use/pass through them. Setting up a Blockage takes 1 second, and uses a single token.


The Architect can walk up to a Blockage/Trapped Pallet to remove it and regain the Tokens used in the process. Survivors can also interact with blockages to remove them, but take a long time to do so. When a Survivor removes a Blockage, they create a loud-noise notification, and The Architect regains the tokens used after a 7 second delay.

Killer interact: 0.5 seconds

Survivor interact: 8 seconds

SPECIAL ABILITY: Trapped Pallets

When in front of a standing (undropped) pallet, The Architect can spend a token to create a Trapped Pallet. When this pallet is dropped by a Survivor, they lose a health state. Trapped pallets have spikes on the side that survivors pull down on to differentiate them. In a space where a pallet would be, the Architect can still place a Trapped Pallet, but uses 2 tokens instead of just 1.



Cheap Materials

With funding down again, Micheal decided to buy materials out of his own pocket. They weren’t the best, but they would do.

  • Trapped Pallets no longer injure survivors.
  • Trapped Pallets break instantly when dropped.
  • Gain 100% more bloodpoints for Trapped Pallet events.


Rusty Nails

Not something you would normally use, but here? They serve a purpose.

  • Survivors injured with Trapped Pallets gain the Mangled status effect until fully healed.

[Extra Token]

  • Start the trial with an extra Redesign token.



  • Survivors injured with Trapped Pallets are afflicted with Hemorrhage until fully healed.


Budget Report

The higher ups decided to throw you a bone. Finally.

  • Start the trial with 2 extra Redesign tokens.

[Killer Instinct]

  • Whenever a survivor comes within 2 meters of a Blockage while in chase, gain Killer Instinct on that survivor which lasts for 2 seconds when they leave the 2 meter radius.



  • When the last generator is completed, all possible doorways and windows are blocked for 10 seconds.

Iridescent Hinge

Your standard, everyday door hinge, except for the fact that it’s glowing slightly. Feels powerful.

  • Allows The Architect to pass through areas blocked using Redesign.
  • Vaulting a Blocked window is 15% slower.
  • Traveling through a Blocked doorway causes 8% hindered while touching it.


Happy Accidents

Even accidents can sometimes go in your favor.

  • Whenever dropping a Survivor you were carrying by any means, gain a 6/8/10% haste status effect for 10 seconds.
  • This effect stacks.
  • This perk has a 45 second cooldown.

Stress Switch

When everything goes wrong, you know exactly what to do to make it go your way.

  • This perk starts with 12 tokens. Every time a survivor is hooked or reaches the next hook state, lose a token. 
  • Once all generators are powered, gain a 1.25% haste boost for each remaining token for 40/50/60 seconds. Once 40/50/60 seconds have passed or 3 survivors are downed, this perk deactivates.

Scourge Hook: Doom Solidified

Your construction knowledge even has a place in the Realm, for better or for worse.

  • At the start of the trial, 4 random hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:
  • The auras of Scourge hooks are revealed to you in white.
  • Scourge Hooks cannot be sabotaged, but break when sacrificing a Survivor.
  • You can see the auras of Scourge Hooks in a 16/24/32 meter radius while not carrying a Survivor.


I hope this concept is at least a fun read. As I said before, any and all criticism is welcome!


  • C0N3ko
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    Kinda wish bhvr took concepts more seriously cause this killer, and mine (I have an ego) could make the game more interesting, an anti loop killer who you can't really just hold w to counter against would be great