Need some Art Advice

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Hello All,

I used to really love drawing when I was younger. I was good enough at it to be able to accurately draw cartoons like Loony Tunes characters and was "okay" at figure drawing (Face and hands looked like aliens while the body was decent-ish). I tried getting back into it for the cosmetic contest because I have a really cool/disturbing idea for the Dredge but I've gotten sooooo bad.

One of my issues is that it's hard for me to stabilize my hand ever since I left the hospital from having Covid. When I first left, I couldn't write better than a 5 year olds chicken scratch. It's a lot better now, but I still have some issues. I know that practice makes perfect, but if I could get some direction on any drawing exercises to help improve my stability and hand eye coordination, it would be greatly appreciated.

Another issue with drawing I've had is that while I can draw the right side of the face (my right side, subjects left side) okay, it's really hard for me to draw the other side without it looking terrible. It's like there is a lock on my brain and hand preventing me from properly drawing it. Advice to help with improving this would be phenomenal.

Also, @Mandy (sorry for tagging you), any chance you can ask the DbD art team if they'd be willing to share some Claudette and Dredge Concept art just so I can get some practice. Also if they have any general tips and book suggestions?

@C3Tooth Tagging you because I love your work and would appreciate some advice too.


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    I draw digital for too long, when I can flip canvas, I can only draw faces that look to left side. Example, Meg is looking to the right side, but when I draw, I flip the canvas when drawing Meg's face

    For drawing practice, this one carries it all:

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    Thank you, that video looks like it's something I definitely need! Also, its funny how you can draw faces that look to the left side, because I'm the opposite and can draw them looking to the right.

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    Here's some cosmetics official concept art if that's what you're looking for:

    As for concept art for the characters themselves, you can find one of claudette but her design is clearly different from the final one.

    As for hands shaking obviously I don't know how much yours are shaking but I've always had slight tremors and it's not that hard gettting used to (the undo button will become your best friend though), the shaking shouldn't show on paper (or digitally) if you draw your lines confidently. I've never looked up those kind of exercices bc I assume it comes with practicing drawing, I remember some exercices from an online drawing course that helped with that (I don't remember the specifics of the exercices though, also you can mostly definitely find them or similar ones for free).

    Finally, yes drawing is frustrating bc everytime you stop doing it for a while it feels like you forget how to draw, so don't beat yourself up and just do regular practice, and even if you take a long break you'll always pick drawing back up much quicker than people who've never done it. Also don't stress too much, I'm pretty sure the design aspect of the contest is more important than how good the drawings are (although it obviously helps, but it doesn't mean you don't have a shot at winning)

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    Thank you so much. These are exactly the kind of pictures I was looking for.

    As for my hand, it's not terrible shaking but kind of like not being able to be confident with my lines. I don't know how to explain it, it's just frustrating. I wish I got back into art last year. Oh well. I'll try coming up with a drawing for the contest and even if I don't win, I'll be happy I got back into drawing.

    Do you have any book recommendations for figure drawing? I'd really like to get into drawing for fashion and concept art. I don't want or need to get so great that you can't tell it's a drawing. I really like the art style in the images you posted!

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    The only recommendation I can think of is the "Morpho" series by Michel Lauricella (there's about 7-8 books I think, but you just pick whichever interests you) which are anatomy books, however I have no idea if they're available in a language other than french. If they're not about any (artistic) anatomy book should be good, as for fashion & concept art i've unfortunately never properly studied them so I don't have any recommendations, I probably have a list of online courses somewhere but I've never got around to trying them out (and honestly there's so many free ressources on the internet I don't suggest you spend a bunch of money straight away).