A dream I remember about a Legendary Deathslinger outfit (help)

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So I had a dream about a Deathslinger outfit, yes I know how it sounds.

So basically the idea is that Deathslinger gets a black/red hue like skin with sharp edges sticking out of various places of his outfit. These resemble his devotion to the entity.

However here's the big twist.

The Redeemer gets an almost biological like appearance while the harpoon it normally shoots out gets replaced with a tentacle the entity uses on a stage 2 or 3 hooked survivor, which he then uses to reel people in.

The sounds it makes while reeling, instead of the chain it gets replaced with the various sounds a gen gives off when it's blocked by the entity.

Thinking about it, that seems extremely cool if it were possible.

What do you guys think?