I'm quite enjoying Silent Hill 3

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Played some SIlent Hill 3 yesterday and I'm probably like halfway though the game (game is really short).

The only thing I wish for was that we got rewarded more for exploration (I feel some areas have nothing to offer and I just waste my time exploring them). Maybe I've been playing way too many Metroidvanias recently.

I feel this Heather is way spunkier than the Heather (Cheryl) we got in DBD.


  • Marc_go_solo
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    Heather is probably one of the best, underrated female protagonists. Her voice actress is amazing, especially considering the time it was made, and she stands out even now. That's what made her so memorable in my eyes when I played this game.

    The game is mostly linear, bar a brief exploration of Silent Hill prior to the hospital, but I do believe it fits to continue the flow of the main story. I'd believe too much side-tracking could have hindered it.

    "Downpour" works better with exploration as Murphy is looking for a way to escape, so it makes sense in this case.

  • OrangeBear
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    Sounds interesting. What are you playing it on? I wanted to at some point but i heard the PC port is kinda broken so i wasn't sure how i should play it.

  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    I'm playing it on a ps2 emulator, there's also HD collection for the ps3 but I've heard it's not that good. SO I guess your best bet is a ps2 port.