Can somebody clarify?

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I am no quiet sure, but does singularity is actually an alien robot? It story states that it should be human-like android and also it used some alien skeleton while building itself with genmat, so question is the thing we see in game is not created by humans, right?


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    HUX-A7-13 was a robot manufactured by Huxlee Industries Ltd, it is a robot that is consider self-sustaining since it has the ability to consume biomatter to turn into biofuel. It was exploring the surface of an alien planet when it came across a piece of alien technology, and when interacting with it, the AI in Hux had been changed, or "enlightened" as it is put.

    It took control of a genmat gun which was used in a cloning/flesh device to give itself characters of a living creature, using what is presumed to be dead crewmates for their genetic material, with Hux's ideal form being a hybrid between humanity and machine, "with the weakness of neither".

    Hux, itself, is not really alien, since it was created by humans, or human clones, but was only altered or affected by it.

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    I think the base design is made by humans, but HUX remade the parts with the alien metal and used a cloning device to cover it with flesh (Terminator style I suppose) but the exposed metal was caused by gabriel burning(?) the flesh away