Full Breaking Bad chapter concept

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Spoilers for all seasons of Breaking Bad are below. And I know Breaking Bad does not fit in DBD this was just for fun and I don't think it would ever be included in the game.

New Map: Jack's Compound-Grave of Glenvale

The sight of the final confrontation between Walter and those who wronged him. The event remains forever immortalized in the realm of The Entity.

New Killer: The Cook

Appearance: A dirty, disheveled, and zombified man, who wears dirty black clothing, cracked glasses, many bandages, and a hat on his bald head. His weapon is a large box cutter, with an extended blade.

Power: Heinsenberg's Reign

At the start of the trial, 5 workstations will appear across the trial grounds, The Cook can interact with these workstations to create a pack of Blue Sky. The cook can only hold a maximum of 2 packs of blue sky at a time. Press the power button to place these packs and create a radius that fills up the Survivor's addicted meter when they are in a pack radius. Only a maximum of 3 packs can be on the ground at any time. Once fully addicted Survivors suffer from a 6% hinder effect and suffer from debuffs to their healing speed and the oblivious status effect. Survivors can cure their addiction by interacting with a workbench, by creating medicine. Each piece packet can only cure addiction once before being consumed by the entity, and Survivors can either use the medicine on themselves, or their teammates. Survivors do not have to be fully addicted to reset their addiction meter. The Cook is altered with killer instinct after a Survivor uses a medicine packet.

Tools of the Trade: Instead of placing a full pack, The Cook can instead use half a pack and create a cloud of Blue Sky. Survivors that interact with this cloud will have their movements reversed, and suffer from short hearing, blindness, and incapacitated status effects for as long as they are in the cloud, and will continue for a short while after leaving the cloud. The duration of each effect will last double the amount of time if a Survivor is fully addicted.

Power trivia:

  • Pack creation time: 3 seconds
  • Pack placing speed: 4.2 m/s
  • Pack duration: 70 seconds
  • Time to full addiction: 15 seconds
  • The addiction meter does not decay upon leaving the pack radius
  • Pack radius: 30 meters
  • Cloud creation time: 2 seconds
  • Cloud creation speed: 4.6 m/s
  • Cloud radius: 12 meters
  • Cloud duration: 20 seconds
  • Incapacitated, Hearing, and Blindness duration: 3 seconds
  • Reversal duration 6 seconds
  • Medicine creation time: 10 seconds
  • Medicine consumption time: 8 seconds
  • Killer instinct reveal duration: 4 seconds

Addons of Heinsenberg's Reign:

Common add-ons:

Cracked Beaker: A tool used for holding compounds, now a reminder of days gone by.

  • Increases cloud linger duration by 4 seconds

Desert Dust: A speck of reddish dust found commonly in the New Mexico Desert. A common feature in the aftermath of many altercations

  • The auras of workbenches are not shown to addicted Survivors

Spent Casing: Used casing from a battle in the desert

  • Increases Blindness duration by 3 seconds

"You're too stupid to see... he made up his mind his mind ten minutes ago"-Hank Schrader

Worn Bandages: Bandages worn after a violent brawl. They increase the determination of The Cook

  • Increases killer instinct duration by 1.5 seconds

Uncommon add-ons

Lawyer's contact: A business card for a local lawyer, and trusted confidant

  • Increases reversal duration by 2 seconds

"Better Call Saul!"-Saul Goodman

Los Pollos Hermanos Tray: A tray for a local restaurant, and sight on new beginnings

  • Increases Incapacitated and Hearing duration by 2 seconds

Mr. Lambert's ID: The identity used by Walter while on the run

  • Increases medicine creation time by 3 seconds
  • Increases medicine consumption time by 2 seconds

Snub Nose Revolver: The weapon of choice of both Walter and his closet partners

  • Increases cloud radius by 4 meters

RV Keys: Keys to the RV used as a mobile lab for production in his early days

  • Increases pack creation speed by 35%

Rare Addons

Hydrofluoric Acid: A corrosive acid used by Walter to dispose of the remains left in his wake

  • Fully addicted Survivors deplete their items 100% faster than normal.

Bag of Ricin: A highly effective, near untraceable poison. It causes nausea, fevers, and intense sweating in its victims.

  • Coming into contact with a cloud inflicts the Exhaustion status effect for 5 seconds

Gas Mask: Masks used in the production of methamphetamine. They protect against the toxic fumes produced during production

  • Adds 1 extra workbench to the map

Hector's Bell: A bell that adorned an old man's wheelchair. It played a key role in Walter's ultimate victory

  • Survivors have their auras revealed once they reach full addiction

"Last chance to look at me, Hector."-Gus Fring

Plane Wreckage: Wreckage from Wayfarer 515 after a mid-air collision.

  • After a pack dissipates, The Cook gains undetectable for 15 seconds

Very Rare Addons

Lottery Ticket: A ticket bearing the coordinates to Walter's greatest accomplishment, and then his greatest failure

  • Survivors have their auras revealed after entering a pack radius for 6 seconds

Methylamine Barrel: A key ingredient in the making of Blue Sky, one that increased The Cook's resolve

  • Being stunned with a pallet while in a cloud causes the stun duration to be decreased by 50%

Lily of the Valley Plant: A poisonous flower used by Walter in one of his most elaborate and desperate schemes.

  • If a Survivor heals another Survivor, and they have progress on their addiction meters, the Survivor performing the healing action will gain addiction as they heal the Survivor.

"He poisoned Brock!"-Jesse Pinkman

Wad of Cash: A wad of cash that totals a high amount of money. Drives The Cook further on his mission

  • Allows 3 packs to be carried at once by The Cook

Ultra Rare Addons

Scarred Teddy Bear: A teddy bear that fell from the mid-air collision above Walter's home. A reminder of his actions, it greatly affects his focus in The Entity's realm

  • Removes Tools of the Trade
  • All Survivors start the trial fully addicted
  • Addiction causes a 25% repair penalty
  • Increases Hindered effect to 10% hindered
  • Decreases the maximum amount of packs that can be deployed at any time to 2
  • Increases time to reach full addiction by 15 seconds
  • Decreases medicine creation time by 4 seconds
  • Decreases medicine consumption time by 4 seconds
  • Increases the number of workbenches by 2

Iridescent Hat: The cap used by Heisenberg while commanding his empire. Symbolizes The Cook's transformation

  • Gain a 5% haste effect for 20 seconds after a Survivor cures their addiction

"Say my name"-Walter White

The Cook's teachable perks:

Perfect Forumla:

Your opponent's plans are nothing compared to yours.

After chasing a Survivor for 15 seconds, this perk activates. Press E to block the nearest window vault from your locations for 8 seconds. This perk deactivates and the cooldown only begins after downing the Survivor who you were in a chase with upon activating the perk. This perk has a cooldown of 70 seconds.

"Your boss is going to need me"-Walter White

From The Brink:

Just once it seems you've lost, you come back stronger.

After the exit gates are opened, this perk activates. You gain a 30% breaking and hit recovery speed and an additional 40% decrease in stun time.

"Goodbye Lidia"-Walter White

Scourge Hook: Living Legend:

Your talents and exploits spread your influence further than once thought capable.

When you hook a Survivor on a scourge hook, you gain the undetectable status effect. While this perk is active, all other Survivors hear a distant illusionary terror radius. Both effects last for an additional 10 seconds after the Survivor is unhooked.

"I am not in danger Skyler, I am the danger"-Walter White

New Survivor: Jesse Pinkman

Jesse's teachable perks:

Endless Grit:

You endure any situation you find yourself in.

When any other Survivor has either been on the hook or in the dying state for at least 15 seconds, this perk activates, You gain a 40% faster heal speed and unhooking speed. These effects last until the Survivor is unhooked or recovers from the dying state. If the killer picks up the Survivor, the effects are also lost.

"You either run from things, or you face them"-Jesse Pinkman


Your experiences have numbed you to the pain and hardship around you, but sometimes this work to your advantage.

When you are one hook away from death and injured, this perk activates.

  • Reveal the killer's arua to all other Survivors when you are in chase with the killer.
  • After being in a chase with the killer for 40 seconds, gain the endurance status effect. This deactivates upon either losing chase or performing a conspicuous action.

"We make poison for people who don't care."-Jesse Pinkman

Street Smart:

You know your way around things others wouldn't dare interact with.

After being in the killer's terror radius and not in chase for 15 seconds, gain a token up to a maximum of 4 tokens. Once you have at least 1 token, press the active ability button to reveal the generator with the most progress for 4 seconds. The amount of progress on the generator can be determined by the intensity of its aura. When you use a token 8 times, this perk permanently deactivates for the rest of the trial.

"Now hey, remember, not all learning comes out of books"-Jesse Pinkman

Legendary skins for Jesse would include:

Nacho Varga

Jimmy Mcgill